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b16a into 96 ek hatchback

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by 96goldek, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. 96goldek

    96goldek New Member

    alright guys maybe im noob for not knowing this but i need your help, i recently purchased a b16a and im looking to swap it in , im picking up motor mounts from innovative mounts that says it will fit any B series motor into my car from 96-00 civic and i have a cable tranny and i chose those mounts, then i got on password jdm and they show a L bracket for the rear? do I need that mount still on top of the 335 dollars i paid for mounts from innovative?

    My other question is I dont know what wiring harness my d16y7 has, i know the motor i purchased (b16a) has a pretty hacked up obd1 harness but i cant use it, im curious if i could use my D series harness for it or if you guys have a site to refer me to so i can pick up a OBD1 harness.

    thanks for the help hopefully what i typed up here makes sense and somebody can show me the light on what im missing, Thanks again.
  2. 96goldek

    96goldek New Member

    also i dont know if it makes any difference but my d16y7 is not vtec, i dont know how that information you could take into use unless it has something to do with my wiring harnesses
  3. eastbxc

    eastbxc Custom User Title

  4. 96goldek

    96goldek New Member

    yeah been on there already, i was hoping i could find something less than 200 dollars but thanks, any info on whether I can use the harness from my d16y7 on the b16a?

    AHHVTEC Well-Known Member

    use your stock harness and just add the wires that you dont have its like 2 wires
  6. 96goldek

    96goldek New Member

    alright cool, whats the word on mounts? if I buy the innovative mounts i hear i need a a/c bracket, passenger side tranny mount, and a T- bracket are those all the mounts I need for the swap?

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