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B16A SiR 1 into a 5th gen chassis

Discussion in 'Swap Articles' started by pissedoffsol, Jan 12, 2004.

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    First Gen B16A into 5th Gen Civic


    In this article I will explain how it’s possible to put a First Gen B16A into your 92-95 Civic. First, it’s important to remember that this setup will be OBD1. The only difference with this swap is using the first Generation B16A long-block, which can be purchased from online distributors for around 400-600 dollars.

    Next, you’ll need to find B-series equipment for the following:
    a hydrolic transmission, OBD1 ECU, OBD1 Distributor, OBD1 Saturated injectors, and use your original OBD1 wiring harness in your obd1 civic.


    As far as the wiring goes, if you have a VX or Si you’ll need to lengthen the wires for VTEC and add a wire and plug for the knock sensor if you’re running an ECU that looks for one (More on this later). You’ll also need to convert the car to run a 4-wire o2 sensor. The VX uses a 5-wire and the CX uses a 1-wire, and will also need to be converted. The DX, Si, and EX, all use a standard 4-wire O2 sensor and will not need to be modified. Information on o2 sensor conversions are found in other articles on this site and are out of scope for this article.


    I recommend a chipped p28 with a skunk2 program when doing this swap. The ECU doesn’t look for a knock sensor so adding that wire isn’t necessary, plus you bypass all emissions equipment that the P30 (Del Sol VTEC) and P72 (GSR) ECU’s look for. Please note, the skunk2 p28 program runs extremely rich, so buy a VAFC and some dyno time to get the air/fuel ratio correct.


    The S4C (99-00 Civic SI) transmission has perfect gearing for the torque-less B16A. However, a GSR, Type R, or even Del Sol VTEC transmission will all work as well. B-series axles will also be needed, either from a Del Sol VTEC, Civic Si, GSR, or Type R. Using a cable-style transmission in a hydrolic car is not recommended.

    Long block:

    To be specific, you’ll be using the first generation B16A found in JDM Civic SiR’s and JDM Integra XSi’s. First Generation B-series mounts from any Acura Integra or Del Sol VTEC will need to be found. The shift linkage for the 99-00 Civic Si or 94-00 Integra is the linkage to use.

    Here is a list with approximate Pricing:

    1. B16A Longblock (400-700)
    2. Hydro Transmission (500-1500)
    3. OBD1 Distributor (150 Used)
    4. ECU (Chipped P28 150-200)
    5. Mounts, Shift Linkage (200)
    6. Axles (100-200 Used)

    Total Price: 1500 (using low figures)

    Now of course this includes the best possible scenario, but if you have the time and patience along with some ability, you can have a B16A in your hatchback for about 1500 dollars. I have personally helped put this setup into a 92 VX hatchback. With a fields VTEC controller Cory Thompson put down 152 horsepower and 108 torque with no other modifications done to his car.

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