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B16A SiR2 into a 6th gen EK

Discussion in 'Swap Articles' started by pissedoffsol, Jan 12, 2004.

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    SiR 2 into an EK

    So, you didn't listen when everyone on the board said, "dude, get a motor with the same obd as your chassis" huh? Well, there is some hope for you.

    Using the mounts and basic swap info as listed in our Basic 6th Gen Swap Guide, you are going to need a bunch of other things as well. This does not hold 100% true for the B18C into the EK though. This article focuses on a B16A3 or B16A SiR2. Here's a basic parts list from other cars, in addition to your donor car and your recipient car.

    You will need the following parts from a del Sol VTEC:

    * Intermediate shaft
    * A pipe
    * A/C belt (if you use A/C as mentioned in the linked article above)
    * Alternator belt
    * Axle seals
    * Upper and Lower radiator hoses

    If you are using a power steering rack, you will need the pump, moutning bracket, and pulley from a 92-93 Integra GSR. However, your stock EK Civic high-pressure pump line can be re-used.

    The rest of your parts can be from just about any 94+ b-series car or your own chassis.

    You may need other parts depending on the actual motor you use in addition to the wiring issues that will need to be addressed.

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