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B16a2 into 00 civic lx 4dr ????

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by REVLIMITSOLJAH, Jan 8, 2009.



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    Sep 29, 2008
    i'm sure some of these questions have been overkilled but i am doing my first swap into an ej model car and i couldnt't find anything specifically for my car. I have done swaps in eg bodys but am still a little unfamiliar with the ej. Im going to swap in a b16a2. My car is an lx so there is no vtec and i was wondering also which pins i would have to use to add vtec and if there were any wiring complications i would run into. Also wondering what a/c brackets and p/s brackets would be needed and mounts i need to use. I'm assuming i can use all stock b16 mounts. Can i use the existing compressor with a certain bracket? Do i need a certain p/s pump bracket or would it be easier to get a b16 pump. Im going to try and use the p2t to try and make it easier. Also, can any of the sensors be transfered over to the b16? Any help would be great and very appreciated. Thank you.
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