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b18a1 swap Crx Code 16!!! Oh no Its in "Limp Mode"

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by phat87mazdarx7, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. phat87mazdarx7

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    Mar 12, 2007
    Ok, I just got a new toy, its a crx(88-91 Didn't even check what year). Its an hf so it had the mpfi on it stock. but the guys I got it from pulled a b18a1 out of a dx crx(dual point). They wrecked the dx so threw everything in the hf. But the problem is I guess they thought the hf was dual point because he gave me a bunch of paper work on the dual point to multi port swap. I already did the tps wire swap(back to original hf position)

    This is som of the stuff I checked:
    I check a hand full of things like injector resistance and the resistance in the fuel injector resistor box, aswell as all the injector wires. what the car is doing is flagging code 16- Fuel injector, So I put a long screw driver on the injecters to hear them click and #4 was dead, so I swaped #3 and#4 injector plugs and it killed cyl, 3. so I know that something is wrong with the #4 injector wire or what ever is sending power to it. So I pulled the wire and let it run and #4 was reading about 14.02 v or 14.04 v (in that ballpark) and all the others were pushing 14.34 v or so. I also checked the resistor box and the risistance is the same on all 4 leads, So I checked the under hood harness and it was straight, (the resistance was the same on all 4 wire on the pos. side and the ground side). I then cut the plugs off of #3 and #4 to see if it was a plug spread open too much and it still did the same thing so I just soldered them back how they were. Im going to check the wires from under the hood to the ecu and see if there is any unwanted resistance. Is there anything else I can check. the guy gave me a wireing diagram of the car and it shows that the hot comes from the resistor box and spreads out to the injectors then go through the injector, through a plug then to the ecu. im going to compare some of the voltage readings to my civic and if I find any differences.

    and I know its in limp mode because as soon as you turn it on idle jumps to 2000rpm, and if you give it gas it will not go over 3500. What else you guys think I could check.

    P.S. Thanks for the help in advance...
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