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Bone stock B20 on a 90 DA automatic..Help!!

Discussion in 'Integra' started by SpiDer21, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. SpiDer21

    SpiDer21 New Member

    wssup fellas...new member here and looking for some helpful inputs..did my very first swap on my wifes car...swapped a long block b20 on my wifes 90 DA 4dr...swapped went well and there were no check engine light....drove it a couple of months now and engine light came on..((actually its on n off)) error codes are 43,16,12...fuel supply, fuel injectors and egr...im also hittin 3700 rpm on a 65mph...dats a really high rpm and gas is killing me...any suggestions on what is going on.... anyone did a same swap as mine??? does is really push that much rpm??

    any suggestions on which error code i should tackle first ((43,16,12))...appreciate any input fellas...thanks in advance
  2. SpiDer21

    SpiDer21 New Member

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