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California 1991 Honda CRX HF Stock/Maintained/Smogged/Carfax 50MPG & Lots of Pics

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by 97SS, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. 97SS

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    Mar 13, 2007
    SOLD Calif 1991 Honda CRX HF Stock/Maintained/Smogged/Carfax 50MPG & Lots of Pics

    SOLD, thanks for your interests guys (and gal)!

    For those that don’t want to get bogged down in the long description ahead and just want to skip to the pictures let me help you out here by giving you the basics.

    - Year: 1991
    - Make: Honda
    - Model: CRX HF
    - Engine: Stock D15B6
    - Transmission: Stock Tall Gear HF Transmission
    - Color: Rio Red
    - Mileage is 153,XXX miles
    - VIN: JHMED8365MS002814
    - Title is clear
    - Carfax report available in PDF if you're interested in it
    - 40-50 MPG consistantly (Why get a $20K hybrid to achieve the same mileage?)
    - SMOG: Done about 1 month ago.
    - Located in Sunnyvale CA 94086
    - Willing to help with shipping arrangements if needed
    To give you a warm and fuzzy feeling feel free to review my CRX's smog history.
    Just type in VIN here: http://www.smogcheck.ca.gov/ve....aspx
    Hopefully answer all your questions but if you have any please don’t hesitate to
    If you want a quicker reply shoot me your number in the email and I’ll give you a

    WARNING this is a LONG ad because...
    This long ad write up and large amounts of pictures will hopefully answer all your
    questions but if you have any please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Email: sobaycraigslister@gmail.com
    If you want a quicker reply shoot me your number in the PM/email and I’ll give
    you a call.

    In addition to having another vehicle I have a very short 2.1 mile commute to
    work, so I'm not really utilizing it for what this car is intended (saving serious gas
    and money).

    - Great mileage (EPA rated at 49 city & 51 highway)
    - Stock D15B6 engine and tall geared 5 speed transmission
    - Comes with recent smog certificate
    Some sellers try to sell as-is and leave it up to you to smog it...I wonder why?
    Because they know it won't pass and it's a headache and expensive list of repairs
    to get it to pass emissions properly.
    Not an issue here!
    - Drives great (No shimming or shaking of any sort)
    - Idles perfect (No fluctuating of any kind)
    - Clean overall body (minor scratches/dings/dents normal on a 16+ year old car)
    - Glove compartment is in perfect shape.
    - Original Paint with no rust whatsoever (surface or anything else)
    - Grey Interior (favored by most over the blue interior)
    - I have driven this car long distances with no worries or problems what so ever.
    - I would not hesitate to drive it anywhere at anytime.
    - I'm still getting 50 mpg when driving long distances on highway
    - I easily get over 40 mpg in city driving.
    - It's fully maintained and drives great.

    All this work was performed at Honda Craft of Sunnyvale (it's a Honda only shop).
    I have the receipt for the things I've done to it and also have some of the receipts
    from the previous owner too.
    - Original transmission failed internally so I replaced w/used stock HF transmission
    It was very difficult to locate and obtain another HF transmission but I was
    persistent and got one from a 1988 CRX HF)
    ($250 plus installation labor)
    - Both new axles
    I figured it would be cheap insurance even though the previous owner had
    installed new ones not too long ago)
    ($200 plus installation labor)
    - New Honda OEM rear main seal replaced ($26 plus installation labor)
    - New Exedy clutch (Had to due to different spline count on 88 transmission)
    ($100 plus installation labor)
    - New pressure plate (Had to due to different spline count on 88 transmission)
    (see clutch)
    - New bearings (Cheap insurance) (see clutch)
    - New flywheel (88 Transmission case is too small to reuse the 1991 flywheel)
    ($90 plus installation labor)
    - Just passed CA SMOG inspection (CA is the most stringent for this test and it
    passed with flying colors). ($60)
    - Installed a brand new catalytic converter ($100 plus installation)
    - Installed a stock CRX Si exhaust (Modern Muffler receipt included) ($200)

    - New timing belt (w/ parts receipt and old parts as proof)
    - New water pump (w/ parts receipt and old parts as proof)
    - New axles (w/receipts but I had to replace due to different spline count on 88
    - New clutch (w/receipts but I had to replace due to different spline count on 88
    - New Bosch Platinum spark plugs (receipt)
    - New spark plug wires with lifetime warranty (receipt)
    - New distributor cap (receipt)
    - New distributor cap rotor (receipt)
    - New FRAM air filter (receipt)
    - New FRAM fuel filter (receipt)
    - Oil changed regularly

    - Complete set of 13" VX wheels.
    Straight and true. Comes with caps and with very good tires with about 80%
    treadwear still remaining.
    You all know how hard it is to come by a clean set of these very light weight OEM
    alloy wheels.
    A set just went for $443 plus shipping on ebay.
    - DX seats in excellent condition replaced stock worn out HF seats.
    I properly mounted the seats using all 4 bolts holding them securely.
    Not half assed with welding or using less then the total bolts. ($200)
    - Alarm with key fob
    - Alarm activated power locks
    - Coilovers on all four corners
    - JVC Stereo with very nicely installed Kenwood tweeters on doors and in rear
    cargo area.

    Brutally honest here because I hate liars trying to pass off junk or problems on
    others by not disclosing known problems or issues.
    - Front bumper has grill insert and one of the fake air ducts cut out by previous
    - Front/Rear bumpers (on one of the sides) have a good 2" - 3" scratch on them.
    - Front bumper clear lens cracked (drivers side)
    - Drivers side B pillar is missing (I have a replacement just not installed)
    - Climate control cracked…ok broken but this is typical of CRX's. I might have
    another as a spare, if I find it it’s yours too.
    - The clutch could use an slight adjustment since I didn't do or (know how to do
    it), it makes a slight clicking sound that goes away when (A) it warms up or (B)
    you press the clutch in (and it's only audible when in first gear at very slow speeds
    like under 5 mph). There's nothing wrong with the transmission or motor (as
    explained to me by both Honda shop mechanics and shop owner), they said since
    it's a used transmission it will get better as I drive it more and all assured me all is
    fine. It's nothing serious as my gas log shows me still averaging 40+ mpg city and
    50 mpg on highway trips.
    - The windshield has a crack in it which it has had since I bought it but it hasn't
    bothered me enough to replace it, plus it's not in the drivers view.
    - Slight tears in the door panels (see pictures)
    - Slight tear in drivers seat bolster fabric but the foam in intact. (see pictures)

    With 13" Alloy VX wheels/tires and the DX seats you see installed in pictures


    With stock 13" HF steelies and another set of DX seats that are almost as
    good of shape as the ones already installed.

    I paid more for it when I got it and have put a lot more into it getting it to the
    shape/condition you see it now but it’s time I give it up to someone else that will
    appreciate it and get good use out of it.

    Sunnyvale California 94086 (Mathilda/101 for you locals)

    OK that's enough describing, here are the pictures.

    Passenger Side View 1
    Passenger Rear View 1
    Passenger Front View 1
    Drivers Rear View 1
    Rear View
    Drivers Rear Quarter Angle View
    Under Hood Extremely Clean
    Engine Bay Is Stock Stock Stock & Clean
    Passenger Side Front
    Passenger Side Middle
    Passenger Side Rear
    Drivers Side Front
    Drivers Middle View
    I have a spare B pillar piece.
    White in pictures are reflections not scratches.
    Drivers Rear View
    White in pictures are reflections not scratches.
    Rear Quarter Angle

    Gage Cluster & Gas Receipt
    273 miles on trim odometer using 5.69 gallons = 47.97 mpg!
    I would have broken 50mpg easily but I running late and was driving an average of 75mpg (See Next Picture) and I still had my drag inducing Yakima bike rack installed plus I had some heavy items in the cargo area.
    Gage Cluster 2
    Showing it’s a true HF tall geared transmission I had installed as evident here traveling at 77mph at a low 2250 RPM’s
    Notice the 128 miles driven and the gas tank is at ¾ full
    Tire Threads on Uniroyals
    Door Speaker Closeup of Clean Installation






    [​IMG][/url] " border="0">

    Sorry my puppy just had to get in the picture, no worries he’s potty trained.


    Passenger Door Open
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  2. Matts96HB

    Matts96HB . Moderator VIP

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    Apr 16, 2006
    bump for a beautiful fs thread and a beautiful car.. gl with the sale. i wish i had 3200 lying around. i need a dd :)
  3. 97SS

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    Mar 13, 2007
    Thanks for the kind words.

    I just sold it tonight! :)

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