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civc and integra parts phila pa alotof shitz

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by ek9_civic123, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. ek9_civic123

    ek9_civic123 Junior Member

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    Jan 26, 2006
    i am having a sale to clean out my yard if ur interested u can email me at mrmonkey215@catlover.com all prices are negotiable or trades just lemme know

    d16y8 complete block(sohc vtec)$350

    b18a1 complete block $250

    b18a1 short blocks(2 of them)one has a bad braket threads meaning you will have
    to weld or rethread the bracket on and the other has bad recieving head bolt
    threads give me $50 each or $75 for both internals are good\

    p2p vtec ecu $65

    d16y7 axles $40

    civic 96 and up body kit (just side skirts and front bumper) blitz front and spyder sideand ill throw in a spyder rear dats been cut $12

    96 and up civic doors black both sides $85 each 150 both

    front mount turbo intercooler about 2 feet long and 4 inches wide $40

    civic hf turbo manifold with a seized ihi turbo on it $40

    civic jun 2 lip 96-98 $70

    b18a1 head its bare has broken camcap studs $30

    dub sound system head unit,amp,subwoofer,and speakers $125

    99-00 si rear trans bracket(a must in doing b swaps int eks) $50

    99 si exhaust(beencut right before the resonator about 3 inches and the tip of muffler been cut to fit on ek hatch $75

    b18a1 axles $55

    b18a1 immediate shalf $35

    13 inch steelies for civic with kumho tires $75

    14 inch steelies for civic with good threads oN tires $150

    14 inch steelies for accords no tire $50

    17 alessio rims curb damages and fair tire $300 5 bolt pattern

    18 exxel rims curb damage and three good tires $400 5 bolt pattern

    civic ac compressor $50

    civic ac Condensor $50

    d16y8 intake manifold $50

    gsr ecu p72 $80

    96+ civic front seats both for $80

    red 96 front end with jun 2 lip custom headlights minor scratches no dents
    include hood fenders bumber grille and headlights $300

    integra factory springs and civic fatcory spring 75 each four

    b18a1 oem headers with down pipe $35

    jdm b20 headers cut after the headers for $20

    seized d16y7 bare long block no dist. alt. or anything $10

    civic dx(no power) 96 and up door panels both sides each 50

    civic 96 driver side window 50
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