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CRX GSR issue Help

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by RustyWCA, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. RustyWCA

    RustyWCA New Member

    So ive noticed that when the 88 crx si with a B18c gsr swap gets warm the idel goes up and down from 600 to 900 but i wasent to worried about it, I did clean the IACV just to see if it would help and no .

    O well right. So I go to smog it today and they cant run the full test, Not only did it fail the HC (220 allowed mine was 440) at idle but at fast idel 2500-2800 it runs for about 30 seconts into the test then will drop the rpm alot, enough to drop way out of range then its back up, it does this about every 5 seconts so it failed there also. but when driving it it runs great. This is only while sitting running.

    Things Ive tried. cleaning IACV, spraying vacume hoses/intake with starter spray to see if I can find a vaccum leak, open the coolent bleed valve on the block while the car is running to make sure theres no air in the line. I did this with the heat in the hot position but fan motor off
  2. RustyWCA

    RustyWCA New Member

  3. RustyWCA

    RustyWCA New Member

    In the above video I put my foot on the gas to bring the rpms up, but if I try to hold it there that is when it drops and comes back up and then drops again , then comes back up
  4. RustyWCA

    RustyWCA New Member

    Heres me testing the 02 sensor

  5. RustyWCA

    RustyWCA New Member

    no ideas?
  6. crxhfz6

    crxhfz6 New Member

  7. civicfanboii27

    civicfanboii27 New Member

    it could be your cams if you have performance cams but i think your on the right track with the concern of a vacuum leak. Are u throwing any kind of codes or anything?
  8. Sir90civichatch

    Sir90civichatch Junior Member

    Ohm out your tps sensor
  9. GlassHeadlights

    GlassHeadlights West West Yall


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