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D16Y8 head, Intake manifold, and a full D15B8 motor+trans!

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Dasfinc, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Dasfinc

    Dasfinc New Member

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    Dec 12, 2006
    Hey all, I'm parting out my Mini-Me swap and going to a full on Turbo Z6 build
    I'm located in Ottawa IL, 61350, and my email is dasfinc@hotmail.com

    I have a few things forsale:

    1) a Fresh D16Y8 head, I had a machine shop do the valves *And they replaced 2 that were bent*, And I had them mill it and pressure test it to make sure everything was clean and new. *Sub 1 thousandth mill so it doesn't affect timing at all*
    The head has been on my mini-me swap for a few months, but the car has hardly been driven *I didn't torque my headstuds down enough and the headgasket let go right away*, I have the paperwork to show it was redone, and its in great shape, it also comes with an AEM Tru-Time adj. Cam gear

    $300 (I spent $250 on the valve work, mill, and pressure test alone, I will not take less as this is a full head with Vtec solenoid and valve cover and an adj. cam gear)
    *Here is a picture of it before it was on my motor*


    2) a Bare D16Y8 intake manifold with a fuel rail and adjustable FPR. I had this on the head mentioned above, this is a Manual intake manifold so its what you'd need to do a intake manifold swap on a D16A6 or Z6, and it comes with an aftermarket FPR and stock fuel rail *Unsure of the brand of the FPR*

    I'm looking for $100 shipped, or $80 picked up for this

    3) a Full D15B8 motor and transmission

    I don't have this ready yet as I'm parting out the mini-me, so I will have this in less than a months time. It has less than 110K on the block, less than 105K on the head *As per mini-me*, it will have a fresh headgasket, the valves have been adjusted back to spec recently, and comes with a CX transmission that is in great shape *No grinds or issues* with a 2 year old clutch (no slippage, is also in good shape) all in once piece so its just a drop-in, and includes the distributor as well

    with gas prices hitting record highs this would be a great motor to drop in a shell to use as a daily driver, I got 42mpg with it before doing my mini-me swap.

    the only things that won't be coming with is the intake manifold.

    $250 picked up.

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