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D16y8 series

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by 99civicJDMh22, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. 99civicJDMh22

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    Jan 31, 2007
    Austin, Texas
    D16y8 stock parts and aftermarket

    i am recently putting a h22a in my 99 civic it has the stock d16y8 parts for sale the main thing i do want alot of money for is the head it has 5000 miles on it and it was buil from gude performance out of cali, go to gude.com to exactly whats done but it is has ported polished cylinder head racing valve grind mild cam ported intake manifold ported throttle body and makes the air ways really open up. and dimond milled on my own by a reputable machine shop

    Head-$ 850 (obo) bought for 1350 at time / have receipt will come with (slightly used high hp cometic head gasket for free (still fine ran with for 2 months)
    Tranny- got from junk yard 15 thousand miles ago had 50 thou still good- $250
    block lot of milage but still running srong i took very good care of the car 145k-$200-with ARP head studs-$250
    ARP Head studs -$70
    distributor, MSD cap, MSD rotor- $100
    Helix power tower throttle body spacer, $65
    DC Sport header 4,2,1-$200
    AEM adjustable cam gear pulley-$70
    Stock CV shafts-$50 for both
    all stock motor mounts-$50 for all
    Short shifter threads need to be re-tapped-$20
    Whole shifter assem. bar bracket everything-$120 shifter comes with for free

    Items may keep just depending if they will work for the H22a or if i can custom
    (may build custom test pipe) Catco high flow cat (direct fit)- $95
    AEM adjusable fuel pressure reg- $130
    MSD Power Blaster External Coil- $15

    I also have 99 ex stock front and rear bumper (white)- $100 a peice
    Stock exast manifold-$50
    i have lots of stock parts for sale

    I live in Austin Texas (shipping fees are not included)

    Just let me know if you are interested i can wheel and deal i have receipts for all
    ask me i may have what you need stock lights (faded) stock exaust stock front upper a arms ect. just PM me

    or email at 99civic@austin.rr.com
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2007
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