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disconnect vafc now what happened?? si help

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by Darkn3s, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Darkn3s

    Darkn3s New Member

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    Feb 11, 2007
    hey firsti just bought 97 hatch with a b16a2 swap wit ls tranny... not really sure on what it has but from whats visable it has short ram intake, rsr exhaust system, aem cam gears, apexi vafc..

    anyway i was driving it and it gets up pretty good until vtec hits then you can feel the motor kinda start stuttering but it stilll feels good to daily drive. not sure where it redlines at the highest ive been was about 92**k rpms. not sure what the vtec controller is set at or what settings it has i know that its set for vtec to hit at 5800 rpms other than that im not sure.. probaly doesnt help that i dont know that much about vafc or hondas in general but thats why im here to get some help

    but my problem was that my friend thats knowledgable with hondas told me that the vafc might have off settings and that it would probaly run better without it until i got it tuned so i went ahead and tried to see how it ran if i disconnected the harness from the vafc and when i did i cut the car on and noticed that it ran shitty engine started stuttering more than ever even in idel so i turned it off quick and hooked it back up got a little better but not as good as before still stutters a bit and now i notice white smoke shoots out the exhaust.. dont know if the vafc lost its previous settings when i went to go disconnect it

    ALSO i notice that when my gas tank is almost empty and i refill with 93 and i go to turn it on the car kinda hesitates to turn on and when it starts it runs pretty nasty for a while until it gets used to it.. this was before the problem i stated above and continuing not sure if its the gas im using or the fuel pump is bad

    if anyone know what my problem could be or if anyone that might the same settings could help me with the vafc and put the right settings thanks any help would be good at this point
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