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Drove a 07 Civic SI

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by Turbo&Auto, Aug 13, 2007.

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    Jan 9, 2006
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    A buddy came up with his new Civic SI. We installed a Injen CAI and then bypassed the coolant from the TB. I told him to get the Hondata Intake gasket and then reflash or K-pro. The kpro is crazy expensive so he may just do the reflash.

    ANYWAY, the intake was insanely involved and a huge pain in the ass. We did one on a RSX-S a year or so ago and it was just as involved as this car. After about 2 hrs we had it all back together and out driving it around.

    My .02, EXCELLENT power and tq all around. The motor pulls hard out of Lift or Vtec(whatever you want to call it), then lift kicks in and it pulls HARD. THEN it still pulls harder and harder to about 75-7700 where it began to nose over just a lil bit. The car broke the tires loose 2nd and 3rd gear when we were doing test times with it.

    With a stopwatch we were able to do a 9.05 1/8th mile, stock. Then a 8.75 1/8th mile with the CAI. This is all with a stopwatch and some markers, so nothing extremely accurate.

    It was a fun lil car to rip around in for an hour :)

    My other friend had his Matrix XRS there, we did a lil racing at the end of the day. The Matrix has a ACT HD clutch, Kazz LSD, Injen CAI, and a Magnaflow cat-back. I was in the Matrix and the owner of the Civic was in his car. I pulled him off the line, banged 2nd and held the lil lead I had, as soon as I switched to 3rd the Matrix was in its dead area waiting for Lift......Bye bye civic, he was OUT!!! I couldnt catch him after that, he kept pulling and pulling away up to 100+. Good times :cool:
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