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Discussion in 'Wheels / Suspension / Tires / Brakes' started by 95preludetypes, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. 95preludetypes

    95preludetypes Member

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    Sep 16, 2003
    my 95 prelude has 165000 miles. i think it is time for some new bushings. can i install energy suspention myself or do i have to have it done. has anyone done it and is it worth it.
  2. hcivic.com

    hcivic.com Senior Member

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    Jan 7, 2003
    Calgary Alberta canada
    getting the new bushing in is the easy part. to egt the old ones out you need a press or a tourch
  3. nfn15037

    nfn15037 Senior Member

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    Mar 1, 2004
    Here is my fastest method of dispatching with the old bushings quickly.

    1) Use a press with a small manrel to press out the metal center sleeve and most of the old rubber will come with it.
    2) Air hack saw(dremel with a spiral bit works, but lube it or you will burn the bit up!) the outside thin metal sleeve, don't cut too much else you will cut the control arm
    3) Tap it out with a hammer, grease it up and slide in the new bushing.

    This is the fastest way to do it. Even with a torch, you are still left with the outer sleeve. You can also use a press with a larger mandrel to perfectly push out the metal sleeve, but I was never able to find them in the proper sizes....*shrug* I am lazy and own an air hack saw already, so this is how I did it.

    But just FYI, urethane bushings are a huge waste of time due to the fact that they require constant greasing, some bushings cause the suspension to bind because, contrary to popular belief, many of the control arms move in multiple axes, not to mention they do not last for shit. I have had mine for a bit over a year, and put maybe 25k miles(~30 auto-x events and about 5 HPDEs) on them and many of them are ready to be replaced already! If I had it to do over again, I wuld have used OEM for lots and Mugen for the trailing arms, possibly Delrin for a couple but never again will I use urethane.
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