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Engine suppliers in bay Area

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by DamAzn, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. DamAzn

    DamAzn New Member

    Anyone know any place where they sell Motors in the bay area?
  2. Battle Pope

    Battle Pope New Member

    Best place in california to get engines is hmotorsonline.

    Also, in the future, name your threads better.
  3. E_SolSi

    E_SolSi Member of the 20 nut club Moderator

    first of all your title is terrible... at least use words... preferably descriptive words that give a person some kind of hint of what the hell the thread is going to be about

    here are some ideas:

    • "looking for an engine for my _______ "
    • "looking for an engine in the bay area"
    • "where can i buy an engine?"
    • "where should i buy an engine?"
    • "good engine retailers?"
    • "looking for an engine"

    any of those titles would work significantly better than "o.o" , which is neither descriptive or even a word

    once you have a workable title, then you work on the content of your post...
    for this thread, something along these lines would work well:
    "I am looking for a place in the bay area to get a stock replacement engine for my ________"
    or perhaps you are looking to upgrade... in which case something along the lines of this would work well:
    "I am looking for a _________ swap for my ________, and want to know if there are any good places to get it from in or around the bay area?"

    next you want to put your thread in the right place... your question seems to be tech related which means it does not belong in the lounge
    you didnt say what kind or generation car you have, so i cant even direct you to the correct forum... but you will find all of the forums listed out neatly on the main page with brief descriptions next to their titles... even if you were to get it in the wrong place, a descriptive post and a simple "im not really sure where to put this" would go a long way toward getting your post moved to the correct area where it could get the attention it needs to be answered

    so in review:

    • give your threads a proper title
    • give your threads/posts proper descriptive content
    • put your threads in the right place
  4. ricksautomotive

    ricksautomotive honda dealer tech

    what bay area? san francisco? or the south bay?
  5. E_SolSi

    E_SolSi Member of the 20 nut club Moderator

    ahh yes this brings up another good point...

    if you are looking for information relative to your location, you should be more descriptive about, and specific to, your location

    as indicated above "bay area" does not completely narrow it down... many will assume you are talking about san fran... others might think you are referring to a completely different "bay area", as there are many many bays with areas around them
  6. kelsodeez

    kelsodeez New Member

    N1 concepts has a shitload of engines. go in there and tell them what you want. and as everyone has already said before, name your threads better.
  7. jeffie7

    jeffie7 My Vtec is biger then urs

    Forget everything E said, you have no hope, I only say this because you used o.o when clearly it should have been - _ -

    total fail all the way around.
  8. 94H_Ex

    94H_Ex Under employed

    This only proves my previous statement. "Noobs do not know what a search bar is."
  9. Hondadude141

    Hondadude141 ¿pɐǝɥ ɹn ɥʇıʍ uıop nɥɔʇɐʍ

  10. Drake

    Drake Well-Known Member

    lol. This thread makes me laugh.
  11. klyph

    klyph Dismember


    I trust my answer is as helpful as your title.
  12. klyph

    klyph Dismember

    I also added tags so this thread isn't a total waste of internets.
  13. Briansol

    Briansol Admins Admin

    Moved to the correct forum.
    Re-named to a correct title.
  14. Capt. Orygun

    Capt. Orygun Win the Day

    You should get...

  15. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin

    ^_^ <- ^ _ ^

    Also acceptable. Just not o.o . WTF. :lol:

    Texas Bay- everything covered in seaweed and brown yucky water.

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