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Exhaust nonsensical BS!!!!

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by Sparta_7, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Sparta_7

    Sparta_7 New Member

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    Dec 8, 2006
    Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a confused state. Ok, here's my situation.

    I have a 94 prelude, with the H23a1 (non-vtec) engine. I had modified it with the basics, intake, headers, stock cat (i bought and still have a hi-flow, but I had to put the stock cat back on, explained later), and 2.5" cat-back exhaust , straght-through, no muffler a four-inch tip on the back ( a pair of two-inch diameter pipes, I thought I could be letting the gas get to cool by allow to expand and putting more strain on my engine pushing that ar through by doing so, but it looked good).

    Alright, now, as expected, I lost some low-end torque, and gained some high-end power, and all was fine and good in the world. I put on the high flow cat, but then there was NO obstruction to the gas and that thing was LOUD. and I mean LOUD. So I put the stock cat back on. But the exhaust was still pretty loud. so after about three months (and a moving violation ticket for the exhaust noise) I decided to get a muffler or a resonator put on. Which I did two days ago.

    I put on a good-looking 2.5 inch muffler, the type with the perforated holes on the inside, it killed the noise but it also did something unexpected. It gave me a LOT more power, low-end torque AND high-end grunt. Enough for me and every passenger I've jammed the throttle with to notice. I would expect to get some torque back, but I'd expect g's to fade once I pass 4000 rpm, what the hell happened?

    and P.S,
    friends have been telling me all the backpressure I'm trying to get rid of will hurt my exhaust valves, because they'll get less cushioning when coming back from their excursion into the cylinder, how true is this and to what degree?
    As well, the muffler I have has a silencer that bottlenecks the flow to one inch, that's way too much, I know, and I notice the significant performance differences between the two exhaust flows (especially since my engine will bog under 1500 rpm). My question is, what will too much backpressure do to an engine?

    All ight, that's it^_^
  2. formby

    formby learning in progress

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    Feb 19, 2003
    if you have an FI set up the you want no BP.

    when running NA you want some back pressure, it creates scavenging

    youll be ok
  3. Team Prolude

    Team Prolude New Member

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    Mar 8, 2007
    you want to kno why you gained power? and torque? u already answered your own question?
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