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F/S: 00Si cams/suspension/fp gauge/more

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by usmcbugle85@hotmail.com, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. usmcbugle85@hotmail.com

    usmcbugle85@hotmail.com Member

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    Mar 11, 2006
    Washington, D.C / Northern Virginia
    For sale:

    set of cams from a JDM b16a (not usdm b16a2). Great condition, no scratches or abnormal wear. $100

    complete suspension out of my 2000 Si. It came out of the car with 40k on them. Everything is there inside of a box. Includes all shocks, springs, front upper control arms, rear lower control arms, rear upper control arm. If one or two nuts or bolts are missing forgive me. I dont have any pictures of this stuff but if you want to see what it looks like go look behind any one of the four wheels on you car. Its the springy looking thing with that tube looking thingy inside of it. That should give you a pretty good idea. $70

    brand new B&M fuel pressure gauge. I literally took it out of the packaging, put it on the car, started the car, and took it off. It works fine. I paid $35 for it but since I opened it Im asking $30 ( includes instructions)

    no name b16 header $40

    2000 Si oem strut brace $30

    whole bunch of fuel injectors: oem b16 $20/ venom 10% upgrade (VERY SLIGHTLY USED) $150/ 450cc DSM blue tops $60

    pm me here, email me at usmcbugle85@hotmail.com, or call Brad at 708-954-6422.

    If you want pics send me an email

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