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F/s 450hp Type-r Engine

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by myth13, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. myth13

    myth13 Junior Member

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    Jan 19, 2003
    Mugen cluster for civic EK, new, $1000

    Mugen engine mount for civic EK, all 5 mounts, hard rubber, new, $650ea, got 2 sets

    Jun type2 cams, for B-16 B-18 VTEC, new, inbox,25hp+ on full race engine, $1200

    Crower rods, B-series, I bean , new, inbox, best and lightest one for N/A,$1100

    Spoon carbon fiber front lip for civic EK, 96-98, new, inbox, $500

    Heltec E6K, turbo setup, new, 3-bar map, wiring, $2000

    OBX ion prism head light set, new, inbox, civic EK 96-98, $260

    Advanti racing wheel, 5 star, 16x7, 40ET, 4x100 and 114, used, perfact condition, with P7000 super sport, 205/45/16ZR, 90% new $1100

    Honda factory head light, used, civic EK 96-98,$160(both)

    Honda side mirrors, new, fold able(like integra), fit civic EK 96-00 $240

    Honda side mirrors, used, perfact condition, civic EK 96-00, $140

    Honda rear hatch cover, EK, used, with cut out for 10 point roll cage, $60

    Honda factory front seats, used, perfact condition, civic EK,$200(both)

    Honda factory rear seats, used, perfact condition, civic EK,$100

    Honda factory hand brake cable, used, 1 year old, working, civic EK H/B $40

    Honda factory brake master cylinder,1 year old, working, civic EK(rear drum)$20

    Honda factory brake booster, 1 year old, working, civic EK,$40

    Honda TYPE-R 450HP setup, brand new long block,FULL RACE prepared,(all assembled) ready to run, with ALL NEW parts below:
    DARTON Iron sleeved, Balanced crank, CARRILLO rods, JE pistons 8.5, Copper head gesket, O-ringed, ARP head stud, FERREA s.s.valve .5 over with 5 angle job, CROWER spring, CROWER titanium retainer, CROWER cams(63401T-(S) special order), CROWER cam gears, polished rocker arm, NGK spark plug, new timing belt,and all the works.
    Turbo setup: T3/T4 hybred .48trim, HKS racing wastegate, KOOK's equal length exhust manifold, Hogen custom aluminum intake manifold, BBK T/B 70mm, RC injector 650cc.NOS direct port, SPEARCO intercooler
    (The type-R engine will not part out)
    asking $16000CAD...obo
    serious inqiury only ....please
    no joke...please
    no money, don't ask
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