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F/S F/T 1991 Pymouth Laser RS-T

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Chris04, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. Chris04

    Chris04 Junior Member

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    Nov 2, 2005
    I have a 1991 Plymouth Laser RS-T that i am wanting to sell for around $1700 or trade any 92 and up Honda for it....It has alot of new parts under the hood including >

    New 14b turbo
    New wastegate
    New Manual Boost controller
    OBX boost guage
    New OEM Head gasket
    New Head Bolts
    Stage 1 Comp Cams
    New Boshe Plugs
    New Plug Wires
    New altenator
    Fresh Oil Change
    Flushed Radiator
    Flushed Intercooler
    New OEM air filter
    New Motor Mounts
    Tires have about 85% tread on factory rims

    The interior is still in excellent condition, no tears in the seats no stains on the seats or carpet, All factory guages work except for the boost guage...The exterior is in good condition also with fresh looking gloss black paint with no fades or dents...one small ding on the right passenger door...the car itself has approximately 135,000 miles on it..The Motor has about 25,000 on a fresh rebuild from the bottom up.

    The car currently does not run but im sure its something small or whatever due to the fact it ran perfect before I installed the new head gasket and head bolts...I am tired of messing with it and I'm looking for a Honda or something that runs in decent condition...
    Im located in Dublin, Ga which is about 50 miles from Macon, Ga...I will travel a good distance for a good deal.

    I will have pics of it on here in a day or two when i get my digital camera back....You can contact me here or via email at Chris@mysouthernretreat.com
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