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F/S: skunk2, itr, gsr, ground control

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by f20cEG, May 7, 2004.

  1. f20cEG

    f20cEG Senior Member

    ok, first of all i am going b20vtec and it is almost time to be a man and get the motor in so that means selling my gsr swap, it wont be ready to sell for a few days but just wanted to have a buyer ready when i pulled it. it is:

    a stock 2000 usdm gsr swap. has 48,000 miles on it comes with everything for swap engine, tranny, axles, linkage, wiring, and ecu (your choice p72 or p28). Asking $2500.00 and will not budge!! prefer local (by that i mean in texas at least) but will ship at buyers expense.

    now for the rest of the stuff

    - 3 skuunk2 intake manifolds
    -1 for gsr it is brand new, and is ported and polished and gasket matched - SOLD
    -1 for gsr is just the normal skunk2 - $200 -
    -1 for b16 ported and gaskey matched - SOLD
    - 1 type r intake mani ported and gasket matched - $150 -

    - one CLEAN complete set of 2000 black leather gsr seats front and back - SOLD

    - one rear set of 1997 gsr leather seats PERFECT - $100

    - 16" rota c8, black with brand new paradas - SOLD

    - CTR pistons standard bore on ls rods BRAND NEW - $250

    - act extreme pressure plate w/exedy 6 puk clutch 95% new - $150 for both

    - gsr black carpet perfect - $75 - sale pending

    - ground control coilovers and tokiko blues for dc2 - $250

    - jdm 97 gsr guage cluster - $50

    - red aem cai for gsr w/ bypas, has filter but is malformed but functional - $75

    - various other things: integra rear disc conversions, front brake setups, integra door panels, a/c components, abs unit, make offers

    - tons of ls, gsr and b16 obd2 ecu's and a few obd1

    i might have some more stuff to add later, my roomies girlfriend took the digi on vacation so i will add pics asap, or if your local come see the stuff for yourself.

    please email me at spensivejewry@yahoo.com if your interested or hit me on aim as spensivejewry
  2. hybrid89

    hybrid89 thistownsucks...

    Pm sent. interested in a couple of things.

  3. xj0hnx

    xj0hnx I wanna be sedated

    Sending PM
  4. BigJ

    BigJ I'm just about that action Boss.

    I'm interested in the Rear Disc Conversions and the front brake set ups. What would they be for?
  5. f20cEG

    f20cEG Senior Member

    responded to pm's

    the brake setups are off of dc integras i have front and rear setups

    let me know if your interested
  6. hybrid89

    hybrid89 thistownsucks...

    Pm'd u back.

  7. f20cEG

    f20cEG Senior Member

    back to you matt
  8. hybrid89

    hybrid89 thistownsucks...

    back to you f20cEG
  9. f20cEG

    f20cEG Senior Member

    back again to you matt
  10. f20cEG

    f20cEG Senior Member

    SOMEONE BUY THE GSR SWAP!!!! hahaha please
  11. hybrid89

    hybrid89 thistownsucks...

    Paypal sent for the items discussed. Thanks Again and Bump for some killer parts and deals.

  12. f20cEG

    f20cEG Senior Member

    thanks to matt for getting me closer to completing my dream car!!! the time is now
  13. GSRCRXsi

    GSRCRXsi Super Moderator Moderator

    DAMNIT, where were you yesterday. i just bought a gsr skunk2 IM for 250... bah its ok
  14. f20cEG

    f20cEG Senior Member

    well if you know anyone else who needs one... i have one gsr left and one b16 left... ther is a sale pending on the b16 but it might fall through.. help me out.. i need money more that i need quit being fat

    GSRTURBO Member

    how much for the rear disk conversion shipped to 21040??
  16. hondamidnighter

    hondamidnighter Senior Member

    You said your sellin a gsr swap... i live local( San Antonio)... and the coilovers fit a del sol???
  17. xj0hnx

    xj0hnx I wanna be sedated

    You should drive up and check it out, that's a very good price for a GSR swap, and it being local you can't beat being able to preinspect. 1.25 hours away y0!
  18. f20cEG

    f20cEG Senior Member

    i agree... thanks 92b16vx
  19. xj0hnx

    xj0hnx I wanna be sedated

    If my brother knew what to look for, I would be tempted to have him get it for me.

    BTW, did he call you yet?
  20. f20cEG

    f20cEG Senior Member

    i dont think he called yet... if he cant reach me he can email me at spensivejewry@yahoo.com and leave his number and i will call him back

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