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F22a 92 honda accord oval track

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by sirwes99, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. sirwes99

    sirwes99 New Member

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    Apr 1, 2007
    Hey guys been browsing over a ton of sites etc looking for a good build list but have not come up with anything real useful to me.

    This 92 Accord is in a Pure Pony Oval dirt track division. We've ran it a couple times so far and it seems to get its butt handed to it by just about every thing else there. From a rolling start it pulls hard and does decent but once in the corners it loses all its pep and all the Neon's, VW's, hell even the crappy 4 banger mustangs start walking away.

    Pure Pony supposed to be stock everything motor,chassis, frame but every one is illegal just no one will take the chance to protest it since its a steep price.

    So doing a H22 swap is out of the picture i have to stay with the F22a which is a Pain in the a**.

    So i come to you Honda know it all's What can i do to put more pep in this honda's step.

    The motor is all stock atm, so heres a list of things i think might help any suggestions would be much appreciated. (all mods have to look stock)

    Higher Compression pistons
    Racing clutch (stage?) and flywheel
    Rev limiter @ higher RPM (how and where, easier way then buying a new ECM)
    Bigger Throttle body

    i'm pretty lost with this motor so if any one could do a build with links to parts that would bring this beast alive i would be in your debt forever =)
  2. 92cb7

    92cb7 New Member

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    Mar 24, 2007

    Depending on how much your willing to spend, theres alot you could do, regardless of what everyone with a B16 or H22 might like to think.

    So, start out by checking out F22 Parts. They have a full array of parts for the F22 engines. Other company's make misc parts, so if you cannot find anything specific, just ask.

    Also, you should really research the motor and learn about it.Now I' m not sure how much your willing to do to the motor, but the bzasics would be Cold Air Intake or Short Ram. As far as I can tell for the TB, Hondas/Acuras seem to be all the same. You can check this by getting a TB from a Civic in a junkyard and test-fitting it to your F22. If I'm correct in my assumption, you could then order any honda TB (Spoon, Edelbrock) or you could get the stock tapered out a few mm, but new is so much better. As for the intake manifold, you could bore the stock one, or buy an H23 manifold from Venom as it will fit the F22 head. Arias makes pistons, and I recommend getting forged, as they are stronger than cast pistons (Work better with Cast Iron sleeves too). Getting higher compression pistons will up the HP, but at the cost of requiring you to run higher octane fuel.

    I'm not going to go into a full build, but this should get you started. BTW, if you raise your redline, YOU WILL EVENTUALLY KILL THE MOTOR! The F22's hzave a long stroke, 95mm if I'm thinking correctly. Upping the redline will put more stress on the crank and rod-bearings and also the valvetrain as the springs aren't designed for Super-High-RPM. Raising it wouldn't help much anyway, as peak TQ is like 4000RPM zand HP is 5200RPM except on F22A6 which I believe runs a different cam than the F22A1 and F22A4. If you want to go higher RPM, I suggest getting better bearings, along with dual valve-springs and titanium retainers and hope the crank holds up.

    BTW, all this info, by itself, isn't everything you really need to know. I'm not here to teach you everything about the F22, just suggest some ideas, so don't just go do the few things I've suggested, use it to figure out what you want to do overall.

    One last thing. This isn't the best place to look for info about this car. Try looking on CB7tuner.com - 4th Generation Accord Online Community.
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