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fixed it!!!

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by 92dxhatch, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. 92dxhatch

    92dxhatch Senior Member

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    Dec 15, 2004
    well to start off awhile back my transmission wasn't doing so well, for some reason the clutch let out so freakin high on the pedal, i was told, yea, your clutch is going out, well for 192,XXX i needed one bad, so in my doing so i thought this would fix the pedal,

    nope [​IMG] it helped a bit, but felt like crap, i asked a few people, including some on here and i was told thats how it is on a hydro tranny, but!!! i've driven the another car, same tranny and it doesn't have that problem, i was told i can adust the pedal on a cable tranny, but not a hydro tranny, CRAP!!!,

    so to get back to the point, i was adjusting my NEW tyc 1-pc headlight (soon to have a review on auto media section) when something in me just said take a look at it, sure enough, you can adjust it, muwahhhahaha.

    Yes, i found a way, i'm sure some of you know how, but i am so happy!!

    so heres how to, if you don't know,

    !. on the the clutch pedal its self, there is a clamp that is pinned to the pedal.
    2. take the cotter pin out then the main holding pin out
    3. the clamp is connected to the clutch cylinder and has a threaded rod, loosen nut on clamp
    4. to adjust the clap, twist it, it has threads on it, and put it where you'd like it.
    5. tighten the nut to the clap to hold it in place,
    6. replace the pin back through the clamp and the clutch pedal.
    7. replace the cotter pin.
    8. and your done.

    it may not be much to some of you, but this has bugged me for about a year.
    what a freaking difference, i acctually have to take my time to get adjusted to my pedal now, it's like driving a different car.
    so there you go, enjoy!

  2. CiViC_SOHC

    CiViC_SOHC Senior Member

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    May 19, 2005
    Cool imma have to remember this when I go to adjust mine lol...mine is HORRIBLE. I can push down about 2 inches before ANYTHING happens..
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