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For Sale: 1991 Eagle Talon TSi

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by chet, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. chet

    chet Senior Member

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    Sep 30, 2002
    st petersburg, florida
    i'm selling a 1991 eagle talon tsi awd. the car has 200k on the body and an unspecified amount on a new motor. its a silver metallic color and the paint is still pretty good. the motor was purchased from a junkyard and i have the receipts for it.

    over 11k in service has been spent on the vehicle over the past 7 years and i have every receipt to prove that also. many new parts...new spark plug wires, new front shocks, new starter, new alternator, etc, etc, etc.

    excellent winter car, as its awd and comes with optional LSD in the rear end. the motor is a 6 bolt, and it has a 3 bolt rear.

    i'm asking 1900 for it...as it sits...has a few minor problems like the driver side light not wanting to come up...but thats really it.

    i'm located in connecticut, 10 minutes from massachusetts, 10 minutes from new york...and i don't have pictures of the car at this time.


    contact me by aim: chethewitt
    email: chet@hondaswap.com
    phone: 860-824-7563

    thanks, chet

    here is a list of the service records...enjoy (and i have ALL receipts...)

    1991 Eagle Talon TSI AWD
    Service Expenses: 11,324.52

    Sunroof ? 312.70

    General Maintenance
    2 Tires, Mount, Balance 7-6-96 177.84
    Oil Filter, Relay 10-16-96 47.19
    2 Tires, Mount, Balance 1-15-97 195.86
    AC Charged 7-8-97 18.73
    4 Oil Filters 7-28-97 19.31
    2 Tires, Mounted, Balanced 1-2-98 150.52
    Oil Filter 2-6-98 21.45
    Mount 2 Tires, Balance 4 Tires 4-30-98 25.20
    Mount, Balance 4 Tires 3-5-99 411.98
    Repair Tire 10-1-99 8.48
    2 Oil Filters 11-10-99 12.01
    2 Oil Filters 11-7-00 13.40
    1 Serpentine Belt 5-24-01 38.16
    Battery, Oil 5-31-01 53.67
    Lube E-Brake Cables 11-15-01 10.60
    Antenna, Oil 11-21-01 35.53
    O-Ring Kit 11-29-01 6.52
    2 Oil Filters 2-24-02 13.40
    Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Bleed Brakes 9-28-02 78.18

    Total: 1372.50

    Clutch Replaced, Throw Out Bearing 3-16-94 509.85

    Adjust Engine Timing 6-9-94 41.49

    Throw Out Bearing Installed Incorrectly, New throw out bearing installed, New clutch, pressure plate
    8-8-94 465.95

    Replace Transmission 8-31-94 583.38

    Engine Disassembled, Bent Valves due to Broken Timing Belt, Engine Swap(90 Laser 6 Bolt 4g63), Pulley, Tensioner, Timing Belt, New Water Pump, New Oil Pump, all New Belts 7-5-95 1942.46

    Timing Belt Cover, Oil Pump, Timing Belt 11-17-96 474.37

    Replace O2 Sensor 2-1-96 136.21

    Spark Plugs, Wires, General Inspection 7-8-97 184.47

    Replace Timing Belt, Balancer Shaft 6-9-98 396.02

    Stalls When Idling, ECU Reset 8-20-98 32.17

    Starter, Distributor Rotor 6-3-99 171.72

    Check Engine Vibration, Replace Timing Belt Cover, Tensioner
    6-16-99 337.30

    Spark Plugs, Plug Wires, Air Filter, Fuel Filter 1-27-00 170.66

    Fan, Fan Motor 9-15-00 253.91

    Radiator, Upper Hose 9-19-00 219.42

    Timing Belt, Balance Shaft Belt, 8 Intake Valves, Headset, Head Removed, Valves Replaced after timing belt broke, made contact with valves 7-21-00 562.86

    E-Brake Cables, Fuel Filter, Axle Shaft 12-29-00 156.35

    Spark Plug Wires, Spark Plugs, Air Filter 2-2-01 152.64

    Replace Alternator, Serpentine Belt, Oil Filter, Oil 3-3-01 251.91

    Replace Radiator, Anti-Freeze 8-2-01 274.01

    Replace AC Compressor, Serpentine Belt 9-28-01 178.19

    Flex Pipe Installed 10-23-01 91.16

    Timing Belt, Balance Shaft Bolt, Alternator Belt, Power Steering Belt, A/C Belt
    2-20-02 281.96

    Tensioner, Idler Pulley, Adjuster, Balance Shaft Bolt, Timing Belt, Water Pump
    9-9-02 567.10

    Total: 8345.56

    Replace Rear Brake Pads, Calipers, Bleed Brakes 7-2-96 458.48

    2 Tie Rod Ends 5-1-98 137.80

    2 Lower Ball Joints, 2 Struts, 1 Upper Strut MT 3-3-99 558.62

    2 Front Rotors, 1 Set Front Brake Pads 10-9-01 231.08

    Remove Broken Bolts in Axle Shaft Support 1-8-02 169.60

    Replace Left Wheel Brake Lines, Bleed Brakes 5-29-02 50.88

  2. emuface

    emuface Junior Member

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    Dec 13, 2003
    I fucking miss my talon tsi, I had a mint condition 91 had a brand new jdm cyclone motor, no real mods done to it yet was running like 13.8. Then I was in a major car wreck and it now rests in peace. These cars are amazing if you know how to take care of them. GOod luck with your sale. I sitll have my motor and clutch and shit so If you sent me some pics of the body and everything I would consider it but I am going to cali tommorow for a week so Ill be back next sat. PEac.e
  3. IDMaxGuy

    IDMaxGuy Senior Member

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    Apr 8, 2003
    okay seriously, i am VERY interested in it, well not me, but i know my freind is looking for one, that is a hella good price for it being in that condition and you having all the aval records.... i will try to get ahold of him... and ill get back to you, or have him..
  4. chet

    chet Senior Member

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    Sep 30, 2002
    st petersburg, florida
  5. Jayyycobb

    Jayyycobb Junior Member

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    Jan 4, 2004
    Brooklyn, NY
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