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FS: 1990 Civic Hatch. TRADE FOR CRX (SOCAL)

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Specc, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Specc

    Specc Junior Member

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    Jan 7, 2006
    1990 Civic Hatchback FORSALE: Comes bill of sale only.. Vin is clean.. Buyer must go threw DMV to obtain / apply for a new title / registration.. the car has not been streetable for years.. Has virgin interior harness, no cuts / splices etc ...

    Comes with D15 non vtec .. COMPLETE LONGBLOCK + 5speed trans w/ new clutch+ ECU ... used this setup for smogging other vehicles .. RUNS SUPURB

    Comes with H22 Head .. new springs / valves / seals / retainers ... EVERYTHING but dizzy and cam gears ....

    Comes with H22 Block .. Has crank / water pump / oil pickup ... thats it .. in awsome shape


    now for the pricing / what i want .. I am looking for a 1988 - 91 CRX clean title with close to NO dents ... and decent -> Great paint ... and has full interior (rear hatch can be empty .. mainly looking for everything from the drive up .. including carpet / dash / console etc....

    IF IT IS NOT running i will go chassis -> chassis swap with the buyer .. if it is running .. i will throw in all the goodies ... if its a rolling chassis and has some nice upgrades .. i.e springs / body kit / nice paint / rims etc.. i will trade your chassis for all of my stuff ...

    Now if your interested call me at 760-464-2430 or email me at Spec2323@yahoo.com .. this will go to the first person that can BRING me a car and take this off my hands.. i have posted this in numerous other places so hurry =)

    located in: Palm Springs, CA
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