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OH FS: 94 Integra, LS-T, GSR replica. L@@K

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by BigNate, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. BigNate

    BigNate New Member

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    Jul 25, 2007
    ok, its college time.. i need money, and this car is my only way to get that money. i do not want to trade, UNLESS its for a RELIABLE car + cash on your end. if you do not like my car, or if you think the price is too high, thats fine. please just dont fill it up with nonsense. i have put alot of time/money into my car, just the same as most of you on this board. so i would like BS comments not to fill this thread, thats all.

    Basic Info:
    1994 Acura Integra RS. Title has "odo descrepency" reads205xxx miles. (retarded notary). other than that, its clean.
    Body has 150,xxx miles.
    Cluster has 126,xxx miles (GSR cluster)
    Engine has 85,xxx miiles.
    All Turbo parts only have about 2k on them.
    has Powersteering, Power Windows, NOT power door locks. manual locks.
    NO cracked glass
    Defrost works
    everything works, wipers, squrters, all lights, blower motor at all speeds, everything.

    Full GSR leather int. front and rear seats, armrest, door panels, bezle, cluster, all of it. all in good shape. carpet is nasty though. the rest of it is clean.
    JVC cd Head unit.
    momo shift knob
    some ultra ghey polished E-Brake handle
    Pro-Sport Boost Guage w/pod. (all black when off)

    repainted 2 1/2 years ago in PA. not sure who did it, but i know it was done. you can tell. some spots in the paint you can tell they did not put enough clear coat on. its still not horrible though. and it has a fair share of rock chips in the front.
    GSR headlights
    GSR corners
    GSR tails
    GSR "dohc vtec" badge
    GSR sideskirts
    GSR power mirrors
    Grille is cut out for fmic

    GSR blades with newer Falken tires (blades are WHITE) 195-55-15
    stock struts, sleeveovers
    new(er) brakes all around (3-12-08) pads. rotors, all around.
    new (last month) lower ball joints (both), inner tie rod end and bellows boot, and outer tie rod end.
    DC lower tie bar
    Ebay upper front strut tower bar

    engine info:
    i replaced everything before i boosted this motor. i wanted it to be a reliable, yet fun set up. which i belive it did. heres what i did to the motor, PRIOR to boost;
    new headgasket
    new im gasket
    new em gasket
    New dizzy (ls)
    new dizzy cap
    new dizzy rotor
    new plug wires
    new fuel filter
    i have the valve stem seals, just have not had time to put them in. (it does not need it, just some prevenative mantience)
    the timing belt had low miles on it when i tore it apart, but since this car now makes double the HP it used to, i would reccoment a new timing belt, tensiner, and water pump (just becuase your in there). like i said, the belt on it now is just fine. im just about making sure stuff lasts.

    go fast parts:
    Garret t3/t4 turbo. .60 trim. was rebuilt by deisel injection prior to me buying it.
    Cast Manifold
    Tial 38mm wastegate, polished, with .7 bar (10.1 psi) spring
    open dump tube
    Walbro 255 high press. fuel pump (brass gears)
    DSM 450cc injectors w/ accord soddered in resis. box and plug
    adjs. FPR with guage
    FMIC, 2.5 inch cold side piping.2 inch hot side
    all Re-enforced silicone couplers and T-Bolt clams
    SSQV bov
    4an stainless feed line w/ fittings
    10an return fittings will all shadow series fittings
    10an weld in return flange (earls)
    2.5 inch DP, with brand new O2
    full real Invidia Catback, (nice deep tone)
    chipped and tuned P75. 3.5 hours of Street tuning by Devl Tuning (runs great)
    AMS automotive SR300 clutch kit (Stage 3) with Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
    New OEM flywheel.

    thats about all i can think of right now. the car is clean, and fun to drive. and no, i do not abuse the car, and ive always had fun with it. i do have fun with the car, considering thats why i put it together. im a graduate of butler tech and a current student at Sinclair. so im not some clown who found a wrench.

    Any Questions, feel free to PM me. price is 6500 obo. i think its fair, for the cars condition, mods, and driveability.

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