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NC FS/FT 95 civic sedan BOOSTED H22a - 333whp

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by dropurs, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. dropurs

    dropurs H22a-T Civic Sedan

    * Name: GERALD
    * Location: Charlotte, NC
    * Means of Contact: PM or knowhimwell@msn.com
    * 1995 civic sedan
    * 200 miles on motor, 180k on car
    * offers over $8500 cash will be SERIOUSLY considered
    * Clear title
    - Engine: built, bosted H22a
    - Interior: clean, stock grey cloth(1 burn hole in drivers seat)
    - Exterior: 00 SI front-end conversion, new base/clear porshe slate grey
    - Stereo & Nav: JVC 3" DVD in dash, new pioneer speakers(front & rear)
    - Suspension: Eibach struts/shocks, Vogtland springs, rear GSR disk conversion

    GOOD 95 SEDAN $2000
    COMPLETE H22A SWAP $2500
    Golden Eagle sleeves, $1000
    Eagle rods, $300
    Wiseco pistons, $500
    Cometic Head gasket, $100
    ARP head studs, $100
    balance shaft removed, $150
    Drive Shaft Shop axles, $400
    motor mounts, $100
    Turbonetics T60 turbo, Drag manifold, 2.5" downtube, braided oil line, turbonetics wastegate,
    XS dual stage boost control(set at 12lbs and 18lbs) XS Blow-off valve, $2000(complete setup)
    Mishimoto radiator, $200
    255 walbro, $150
    Mr. Gasket fuel rail, $100
    Precision 1000cc inj, $300
    hondata S100 w/rev limiter, $300
    SI front end conversion, $1000
    Porshe slate grey (painted last week) $1000
    Eibach struts & vogtland springs $500
    Omni Power LCAs(not installed yet), $150
    GSR rear disks, $300
    black powder coated SIs, $600
    spoon mirrors, $50
    Type R front lip(not installed yet), $100
    ek side skirts, $150
    stock interior,
    Sparco steering wheel $200
    new 2.5" exhaust w/ flowmaster type muffler(very deep tone) $300
    xcaliber alarm and keyless entry. $400
    The Good:
    the motor was just built and installed by Howard at RLZ. (motor has 200 miles on it). built to handle 30lbs, and will make 450-500whp with a GT35r, or 400-450whp with a SC61
    It did 333whp and 274tq at 18lbs(93 octane),
    The Bad: I have to pay $125 a month to rent a garage to store it in until it sells. no PS, CC, or AC

    If you are wanting a boosted H22, this thing is a steal. The only thing I would recommend, is a "stage 3" clutch and a better set of tires for the front. The front tires are Kuhmo Ecsta with 90% tread, and the rears are Wanli tires, with 90% tread. I was gonna put the Kuhmos on the rear and some street-slicks on the front. I also wanted to get rid of the a-piller gauge pod, and the 5"tach. I really like a clean stealth look. The horn needs a button. The rt rr window is not hooked up to the motor. I just had the alarm installed. It has motion, doors, and keyless entry, and automatically arms and locks the car after 30 seconds. One side skirt is a EK and one is a EG, no-one notices, but I have 2 more EK skirts, just not on it yet. I also have a set of Omni Power LCAs, and a new set of Energy Suspension trailing arm bushings. All that is included, but I want to keep my JVC head unit.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2008
  2. dropurs

    dropurs H22a-T Civic Sedan

    Nobody even wanna comment on this thing???
  3. chrism1829

    chrism1829 Getcha Mind Right

    Its a nice car and looks to be done right but not 8500 no way it will be hard to get that people would rather have a k20 swaped eg or something else i mean 8500 you can get a s2000 for 11000 by me or even a audi tt but i guess it depends on what you want good luck with the sale
  4. eastbxc

    eastbxc Custom User Title

    bump for sick car.....car looks great......i wouldnt say 8500 is to much....when you start looking at the work and adding things up it gets to 8500 pretty easily
  5. 95b16coupe

    95b16coupe New Member

    yeah, your price is fair, it's just a slow time in the market right now.
  6. chrism1829

    chrism1829 Getcha Mind Right

    im not bashing it its done RIGHT and is clean but its a 15 year old car most people would want more for there money like something newer.I never get y people invest so much money and then sell it..regardless not to many people have 8500 laying around..i would try and wait it till taxes season comes around
  7. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

    Sexy looking car :thumbsup:
  8. Civrevol

    Civrevol Tested and Approved

    I agree with my man here. For any future builds make sure to you want to keep the car or keep it for a while. When you do upgrades you have to do it for you, cause you'll never get it all back.
  9. chrism1829

    chrism1829 Getcha Mind Right


    Who knows maybe he bought it like that...or maybe not..i have never ever sunk money into a honda i always bought something stock or with work done becuase most know about hondas what they will need and so on...

    bump for you tho
  10. 95b16coupe

    95b16coupe New Member

    you may want to consider parting it out. stick a sohc vtec in there, you can probably get $5k for the car. then sell the engine for $3500 after tax season.
  11. hatch4life

    hatch4life New Member

    are you looking to just sell our are you interested in trade offers
  12. Rob_SiR

    Rob_SiR New Member

    nice civic man. incredible job with the swap and the turbo install
    looks like a pretty dam fast car to me.
  13. joshc697

    joshc697 New Member

    we all know that we never get near the amount of money we put into our cars back so stop bashing the price, it is what it is. if you don't like it send the guy a message and see if he'll take ur offer. the most he could say is no. anyhow clean car and glws

    also, i agree with 95b16coupe...that might be your best bet if no one buys it outright and you need to get rid of it asap
    i realize its a lot of work to pull out that swap and convert back 2 a single cam, but it would prob sell quicker and u could hold on2 the swap until someone came along with a decent offer on that...who knows, u may find another shell u like and decide 2 dump that back in and keep it a while longer
    either way u've got options and if i had the cash i'd def consider it
    good luck
  14. KtownSleeper

    KtownSleeper New Member

    race u 4 pinks??? drag strip or street idc
  15. hatch4life

    hatch4life New Member

    ahaha your funny take that sh*t somewhere else
  16. sufikation

    sufikation Active Member

    this is not a place to live out your delusional and semi-retarded antics.
  17. CMONEY12

    CMONEY12 New Member

    i got a type r integra call me at 901-503-2618
  18. 1992civic

    1992civic New Member

    If you Wanna?

    I would love to but your boosted H22 off of you! 724-931-0238 if interested haha

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