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fs/ft 95 turbo built

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Acrite3404, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Acrite3404

    Acrite3404 Junior Member

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    Sep 9, 2005
    It hurts to let her go, i have put alot of my own money into here everything has been bought with my own money. i am in california (socal) im lookin to sell my 95dc integra. it has a salvage title.

    97 gsr block:
    2.1 liter
    Golden eagle sleeved 84mm
    84mm endyne rollerwave 9:1 pistons
    Ls newer version eagle rods(bigger bolts)
    Ls crank balanced and blueprinted
    Acl bearings (race version)
    ITR oil pump
    ITR water pump
    moroso oil pan tapped
    -10an return line
    -3an feedline

    92 B16 head:
    gsr cams
    ITR manifold
    ITR throttle body
    Precision 1000cc injectors
    honda timing belt

    Precision SC61 .63 exhaust .70 on compressor 4bolt
    SLS shorty manifold
    3 piece intercooler piping 2.5in
    xspower Intercooler
    3in downpipe
    38mm Tial wastegate
    3in QTP cutout
    Greddy Type RS BOV

    mishimoto 2or4 core radiator
    no name suspension
    rota gt3's.

    gsr tranny
    act stage 3 clutch
    stock flywheel

    Im prolly missing a few things when i remember i will post it. But it is tune on crome rite now on 10lbs 301whp 276tq it will be re-tuned again this week on 19lbs so it will be a 450+ whp car. the car needs a lil tlc as far as the hood and bumper but i planed on putting a 98+ front bumper and hood on so i never got to that. but im looking to get $7,600.00 or trade for a clean dc or eg hatch plus cash depending on whats done to ur car. im sell in it cause i have 2 lil ones rite now and i jus want a clean lil dd. O and it gets 34mpg


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