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Fuel Cell racing

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by asmallsol, Jan 12, 2007.

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    Sep 28, 2002
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    My thoughts..

    SWEET. I hope it really goes big and not just a small racing class like the hybrid racing over in japan. I would like to see them do what they do for rally and alot of racing around the world where they have to run actual production cars, (basicly the reason why there is the e30 M3, Evo, STI, ITR, ect) that way it forces manufacturers to build and sell actual COOL cars to the public, and in turn hopefully furthering the drive for building actual fun, eco friendly cars. Competition will greatly increase the rate of development for eventually making fuel cells car mainstream.

    F1 says that there going to start pushing for more eco-friendly technologies that could be used in road cars over the next few years including reducing emissions and developing elements to capture energy that normally is irradiated from heat in the braking and exhuast system.

    Did anyone read the article about the BMW hydrogen/gasoline 7series in Automobile Magazine. For fuel, they decided to use liquid hydrogen (liquid hydrogen at 1 atm boiling point is 20 kelvin). In order to keep it that cold, they developed an insulator along with a vacuum layer that is equivalent to 54feet of Styrofoam! BMW says that if you put a snow ball in the tank, it wouldn't melt for 13 years! Pretty sweet engineering.
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