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getting 92 accord

Discussion in 'Accord' started by spencerhatchback, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. spencerhatchback

    spencerhatchback New Member

    hey im picking my self up a 92 accord two door any thing i should do to make it look better or anything like that? are they any good? is there any motor that could be swaped in or stay stock?
  2. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator

    H22 is an easy bolt-in swap. Or you could put a turbo on the stock engine.

    As for looks, that's kind of up to you...
  3. spencerhatchback

    spencerhatchback New Member

    yeah bolt in but the electrical is pretty hard tho because it would have to be vtec. i was thinking euro lights all round hahah and there is a crashed eagle talon awd here for 700 bucks with a solid turbo
  4. spencerhatchback

    spencerhatchback New Member

    ill post some picks of it when i pick it up tmrw
  5. spencerhatchback

    spencerhatchback New Member

    im just realy pumped to own a honda again haha

    AHHVTEC Well-Known Member

    the wiring will not be hard either all you would need to do is run a few wires for vtec
  7. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator


    Unless you're just a complete noob when it comes to wiring, an H22 swap into an Accord is about as easy as it gets. Add a few wires for VTEC and you're done...
  8. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator

    Well, what you do with the exterior is up to you, but honestly I think euro tail lights look awful on that generation of Accord. I don't usually like them on any car, but I think they look especially awful on this particular car.

    Might I suggest looking into JDM style headlights instead? Or even some nice looking projector headlights? Maybe a front lip of some kind? And a drop with some nice rims?

    I think any of those things would look great on this car, but like I said, it's up to you really...
  9. spencerhatchback

    spencerhatchback New Member

    yeah i was thinking the angel eyes projectors smoked
  10. 94H_Ex

    94H_Ex Under employed

    Nice grab on the 92 Cb7. There are other sites dedicated to the cb7's. Drop the car, I own one and it looks terrible on stock suspension. I dropped mine decently low and it gave it a really aggressive look.

    CB7Tuner.com - 4th Gen Honda Accord Online Community
    MYCB7.COM - Your Fourth Generation Accord Community - Downloads - Specs - Forums - Classifieds - How-To's - Video's - Wallpapers - More!
    CB7's are alittle more uncommon than civics and integras. But this site has a decent selection for parts for them .
    Auto & truck performance parts & aftermarket car parts from HorsepowerFreaks

    As for the h22 swap, my question is other than doing a remap of the f22 P0A, these cars are obd-0 and atlease every h22 swap is a obd-1 or 2. Unless theres something I'm missing about the whole ECU issues. (Just clearing this common question for myself AND the new guy)
  11. spencerhatchback

    spencerhatchback New Member

    well i got it and pickedit up haha. there are a few holes near the rocker pannels first thing im doing is getting a pair of rockers welded on and possibly a dual tip straight pipe. the car has original engine and tranny 430 thousand kms on both and run just as strong as the day it was bought. after rocker panels i will patch holes body fill sand and prime it out side to get ready for its black paint job
  12. spencerhatchback

    spencerhatchback New Member

    i dont know if i should lower it but i might im just going to work on making it look newer then it has been

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