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h22 swap with external coil...

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by rex559, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. rex559

    rex559 New Member

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    Aug 31, 2006
    hi all, im doing an h22 swap into my 94 dx hatch and while looking at the car's harness and comparing it to the obd1 h22 motor...i noticed that the dizzy has eight wires as oppossed to the civic's 7 wire dizzy plug. i was just wondering if someone can help me with this...can i accomplish this swap with the external coil? or would i have to get an h22 dizzy with an internal coil? any help would be great, thanks in advance!
  2. VTECin5th

    VTECin5th Administrator

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    Apr 17, 2005
    Phoenix Az
    You can do either... you will have to make a jumper or 2 inside the harness, depending on which harness you used. I don't remember what we did exactly, but i know we made a jumper or two and got it to work.
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