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h22a help

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by yohonda, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. yohonda

    yohonda New Member

    ok i wanna get more torqe out of my h22a...and im not looking to spend like 3000 on a turbo kit or w/e im not to worried bout HP...so if anyone has any helpfull information that be appreciated..thanks
  2. Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck JDMDecals.com guru

    what tranny are you using???

    cus iam gonna go out on a hunch here..... you have a 4th gen prelude (92-96) which came stock with the F22 and you opted for the H22a swap.... most companys send you just the motor and not the trans since the F and the H will bolt up....

    so with that being said if your running the F trans i would opt for the JDM H22 trans with a stock LSD..... should help with your low RPM pulls.....
  3. yohonda

    yohonda New Member

    no-its 3rd gen swap...91...with h-tranny...i want to get like 185-195 torqe....??help..
  4. Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck JDMDecals.com guru

    H22 in a 3rd gen.... NICE!!

    how much more torque could you possibly need?? the H22 is one of the highest Tq producing motors.....

    ill do some searchin and ill get back to ya...
  5. yohonda

    yohonda New Member

    its only pushin...161 lb-ft with 200 hp (h22) 161 isnt alot really....im lookin to push 180 lb-ft at least....thanx

  6. powerdriverh22

    powerdriverh22 Senior Member

    well that 161 isnt at the wheels. that is at the flywheel. head work, cams, etc should get you the power you want. you could also put in a f23 crank to increase your displacement.
  7. yohonda

    yohonda New Member

    thanx great help....
  8. 1Funryd

    1Funryd New Member

    Here is the link to the most informative writeups for the H22 swap into the 3rd gen chassis:

    3rd Gen FAQ/Resources - Common Fixes, Manuals, Write ups, etc - Preludepower.com

    Its on preludpower.com

    As for the wiring for the conversion, uncle Buck is correct, just email Ryan@rywire.com and they can do the harness conversion for you.

    Mounts are sold through me since I had them produced and did all the nasty hardwork to get them produced.

    I sell the mounts for $475 + shipping and any paypal fees, but I also accept money orders.

    Anyone can contact me at: onefunrydperformance@q.com
    Or pm me thru here as well.

    And sorry but AZ Race will not give out that information for the dimensions, they worked to hard on this project to just give up all the secrets.


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