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H22A swap in a '91 Civic Hatch

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by h22a91civichatchswap, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. i would like some peoples incite on this build i'm pulling the motor out of my already h22a swap '95 Accord EX and i want to put it in a '91 Civic hatch i'm wondering where i can find good mounts and Axles that'd fit in the civic build and also wondering if i have to tamper with the shifter at all hope some people can help me find out where to get good parts like sites to go to an what not experience is a plus telling me what would be good to do and also looking for a good suspension upgrade dew to the fact i know the H22A's are a heavy engine looking for good coils and struts to hold the weight
  2. the only reason i'm doing this build is because i want the engine in a nice light car and i can't get my hands on a 1st gen CRX let alone i'd dought it'd fit
  3. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator

    Hasport has everything you need, and they also have installation instructions available on their site: Hasport Performance.

    Also, we prefer not to have tech posts in the lounge. I'm moving this to a more appropriate section...
  4. oops sorry man i'm new to this site i didn't know thanks for the info
  5. team_lunatics

    team_lunatics New Member

    explicite speed performance has everything you need to know about h22 swap into crx/ef.
  6. H23vtecEF

    H23vtecEF New Member

    I used ESP and i got my axels from Raxels.com good price and great product. ESP is also on AIM and is always willing to help, they have done quite a few of these swaps and are very knowlegeable. Hope it goes well for you
  7. thanks man good sites to use thank you
  8. EFLove

    EFLove New Member

    Let me know how this goes, I'll be following closely. Just got a 91 hatch myself and was thinking of doing a K20 or H22 swap in it.
  9. oh really a k series those are a little new for me but would love to build one myself but yeah i'll post on this thread then on the progress
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  10. EFLove

    EFLove New Member

    The K series and H series have very similar power output, K-series being a little newer and more expensive by about 3-4K depending where I looked. I still have to do research to see what the advantages are to the K over the H, but after reading over some more info yesterday and so far today I'm almost thinking a B series might even be better...who knows.

    Looking forward to seeing the progress. +1
  11. H23vtecEF

    H23vtecEF New Member

    After doing an H swap, i can tell you its a pain in the a$$. It is i lot of work and time, but after doing it, i love it. I havent found a n/a B series that can keep up. And when people see it, their jaws drop. Its def. not a normal swap and thats the main reason i did this. I had the motor befrore the car and was looking to do it in an accord or prelude, but its been done before, and the B series in an EF is the norm today. I love my H and i would recomend the swap if you can do a lot of it yourself, or have friends that are mech. inclined too.
  12. yeah your reasons are my reasons for doing my swap is because everyone and their dog does the b series swap in the ef's and i'm just a little tired out of them i mean i love the b series ls swap which is one of my dream builds as well the h series takes a little longer and a little more money for all the converting you have to do and i'm with you i have the motor and no civic yet i have one in line but waiting on the guy to call me back on it he had some title issues
  13. H23vtecEF

    H23vtecEF New Member

    Well i hope it all works out for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask, id be happy to help any way i can. It's always nice to see more H swapped EF's.
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  14. yeah i do have a question actually do know how to mount the shifter in the ef and does it look tacky? i'm trying to make a semi decently clean looking swap
  15. actually on the mounts do i have to fabricate anything if i got the Hasport mounts idk if i do or not since you've done this swap do i have to fabricate the mounts? which one? all of them? that is my main worry right now actually
  16. motor mounts if you didn't know what i was talking about
  17. Ethan

    Ethan Arkansaucee

    its gonna cost you and its gonna be a bit of work but im sure a h22 swapped ef would be TONS of fun! good luck and hope to see the swap.
  18. H23vtecEF

    H23vtecEF New Member

    As far as the shifter goes, i cut the collar off the shifter hole, and mounted the assembly inside the car, even though i have been told to mount it from the bottom. I found that it didnt work for me because it hit the exhaust. It is actually pretty clean, i mounted the plastic back on top and cut 1-2 inch wide slot on the front of the cover and ran the cables out under the center console and through the firewall. If you wanted to get more into it i think you could probably run them right under the carpet to the firewall as well.
    The fabrication is not too intense. You said you know how to weld and that is a big part of it. The motor mount kit that i have we had to weld the tranny mount to the car. It was more labor intense because you have to make sure that where you weld it, is where the best axle alignment is, so its a lot of checking and rechecking. Once you know where its going is just welding it on, and bolting up the tranny and motor. The driver side motor mount bots right up, and the kit comes with the rear mount to attach and bolt up. ESP has pics of what the kit comes with so you can get a better understanding.
  19. thats good to know thanks for the info though man serious i appreciate it a lot!

    so how do you feel on the Hasport motor mounts and cable to hydro mount kit to i'm looking at those which will set me back $500 but i think will be worth it...

    and i will check those other mounts out to now to see what they offer

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