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Hello & Happy New Years,... noob here... :-D

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by PreludeNOOB, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. PreludeNOOB

    PreludeNOOB New Member

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    Jan 4, 2007
    Boston, MASS
    Hey Whats up everyone... im new to honda swap... on here now to mainly some reading and to take suggestions an opnions,... i'm new the tuning scene and would really like to learn more... well a little bout me im 25 male, live in boston, mass. im pretty good with computers but know crap about cars and tuning... i mean i know a little here and there from things i have read and imma pretty good learner... but i have a 93 honda prelude sitting in my garage now for almost 2 years probably now, and i have 3 h23 engines mainly assembled with some parts here and there and 1 h22 on it's way that i just purchased... from ebay a complete swap... but i also have a 91accord with a f22 SOHC... but i will be asking questions here and there... right now im thinking of trying to do something like making one nice rebuild out of the 3 h23's and maybe taking one of the heads and putting it on my accord engine.. but not to sure on certain termonolgy,... like i have no idea what "sleeving" is or "sleeved" or "machined" i have no idea wat any of that stuff means... so ifanyone took the time to read this and can maybe hit me off wit some lingo so i can get a better understanding of stuff that would be great... :cool:
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