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Help with a CTR TB and Skunk2 Intake manifold

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by JstAnthrWhiteHB, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. JstAnthrWhiteHB

    JstAnthrWhiteHB Junior Member

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    Oct 18, 2003
    Just recently I bought a 92 Hatchback with a B16a1 in it. The car ran fine when I got it, it ran a 9.98 at Irwindale 1/8 strip, full inter, on donuts. I bought a CTR tb and skunk2 Intake manifold I put them on last night and took it for a test drive ran fine in the upper rpm range but the idle sucks sounds like a dirt bike =) this morning I tryed reseting the ECU by un hooking the battery then hooked it back up now it smokes like no other and the idle is still crappy, is this normal?? the TB has to sensors on it my old one only had one what do I do which one do I hook it up to? ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPREACAITED THANKS IN ADVANCE\

    cf hood
    cf spoon mirrors
    cf spoon rear wing
    16 gunmetal rotas w/ polished lip
    ebay straut bars, front upper rear upper lower and c-pillar
    white leather GSR seats front and rear
    mugen ecu chip
    matrix short ram intake
    jdm red valve cover
    4-1 header
    no cat dont know the brand of canister
    CTR tb
    skunk2 intake manifold
    CTR crank pulley
    no a/c no ps
    AEM cam gears
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