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Help with my swap!

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by YouKnowWhoIBee, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. YouKnowWhoIBee

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    Dec 22, 2003
    I am not to into d series motors so maybe some of you could help me out. I have a 1995 civic dx, and i blew a headgasket. I got that fixed but one of my piston rings is whack. So i need to replace the piston ring. Instead of doing that i am just gonna swap the motor. I want to stay with an auto d series because that will be the least amount of work possible. I have a donor motor now... I am buying it from DTEC.

    Donor Motor
    D16Y7 from a 1998 single over head cam civic. It uses obd 2 and has a 9.4:1 compression ratio.
    Stock Motor
    D15B7 from a 1995 single over head cam civic. It uses obd 1 and has a 9.2:1 compression ratio.

    I want to know a few questions before i start this. Me and Z6CRX (who is a cool motha fuka) are attempting this. Now i have a few questions and i am sure i will have some later.

    1. Are the intakes interchangeable?

    2. Will my B7 distributor work on the Y7 head?

    3. I have an auto car... so will the mounting bracket work off of my B7 onto the Y7?
    The 96 and up use the same mounting points for auto or manual.

    4. My ecu, is it compatable with an obd 2 motor? I would like if at all possible for it to run, but i am not sure?

    5. The axles will work, correct?

    6. Being that the car is obd 2... will the engine harness work?

    And 7... would it be better to use the head off of the B7 and the Y7 block...? And if so is that compatble?

    Sorry for so many questions, i think i have the answers to most but i wanna see what other people will say abou this?
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