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Hey Del Sol Fans

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by odnet, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. odnet

    odnet Member

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    May 4, 2003
    When a buddy of mine and I start thinking about doing a project car we thought of performance:

    Honda B Series Cars
    240SX to Silvia Conversion

    Both are 'fairly' cheap to get great performance from, but then we thought about style, something you wouldn't see much of in the midwest. A silvia would turn heads, but a lot of the conversion costs as much as most B series motors, plus purchasing the motor, then hoping to find a great ECU.

    So, B-Series looks great so far! Now, I already drive a civic, why would I want to build another civic? Nah.. Accords look nice, but I've never really heard much about twin cam accords, and I've seen a few nice ones here in Des Moines.

    Del Sol... convertible, 1 model already includes a B-Series motor, oh and did I mention convertible?

    So now I ask:
    -Stroker kit for 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.12 ? Or none at all?
    Why the B16? B is bulletproof, Type R cams are great esp with a turbo!
    I am more than sure that a turbo kit would accept the stroker kit well, if anyone thinks larger displacement might throw this whole shin-dig off, it might have to be scrapped.

    I want to have good compression with a turbo kit, because I plan for this car to take to the streets, I want good 1-3000 power to cruise, but I want the turbo to kick some ass for the 4800-8000 (modified)VTEC range.

    I plan to get reinforced mounts, tranny work, cooling, safety seats, ECU, etc. But if I don't use the stroker kit, would a CTR/ITR cams be great with a turbo as long as the piston assembly is rebuilt to withstand the power?

    If it all sounds good together say so! I've been checking the background on all of this and what to see what I'll be purchasing.

  2. Gen2Teg

    Gen2Teg Senior Member

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    Jan 2, 2003
    san francisco
    its a targa top, not a convertible.
  3. totalburnout

    totalburnout Well-Known Member VIP

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    Oct 22, 2002
    personally if i wanted a really fast car i would go GSR and turbo it if i had the money...especially because the del sol is heavy and slow to begin with
  4. CrewDelSol

    CrewDelSol Member

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    Sep 29, 2002
    Tallahassee, Fl
    I like to call it a convertable too, cause the back window rolls down :D
  5. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Retirement Home
    Not to rain on your parade or anything.... but......

    Silvia conversions are cheap. $1000 bucks for everything you need. Hell, some places will even color match (stock colors) for that price.

    The SR20 motor is cheaper than a gsr motor. and then you said ECU... well, if you buy it from a real motor dealer, you will get the ecu too.
    http://www.afterdark-tuning.com gets my vote.

    on top of all that, an S13 can be had for much less than a del sol. probably 1500 vs 3500+ for a del sol.
    nissan comes with 4 wheel disc brakes on all the models. if you get a del sol S, you get rear drums.
    and simply put, RWD > FWD.

    I don't understand why you think the honda is a better choice. It simply, is not.
    I whole heartedly regret ever getting into honda. I should've gone nissan from the start. Now, im in 20 grand with honda, so i really can't get out of it too easily. But rest assured, my next car will note denote an H or an A on it anywhere.... at least not starting letters :)

    Anyway, you won't find a dohc vtec del sol in de4cent shape for under 5-6k. everyone wants them, and they are rare as fuck which means price goes up.

    stroker kits are gay. if you want more displacement, Sleeve it, and bore it.
    that said, the b16 is small. I'd go gsr over b16 anyday... which puts us back to buying the lesser model del sol....

    typeR cams are not great with turbo. then produce to much overlap. they need to be tuned out with a cam gear, which means you should've just stuck wih the b16 cams, or gone with gsr cams at best. b-series it FAR from bulletproof. a stock nissan motor is stronger than your average built b-series. Want pics? I'd be happy to post some.

    good compression- understandable. 10:1 is a good street compression for a honda turbo, but you need to tune it well. Forget FMU, Forget dms injectors/vafc hack, think standalone/hondata/aem/speed pro.
    If you want lag from 1-3, and full boost by 4800, your looking at a roughly .63 trim t3/t4. a b16 will be even slower to spool a turbo due to its smaller size, regardless of compression. modified vtec? if you turn on vtec at 4800, you will loose about 50-80 horse. its too low.
    mounts? hasport.com
    tranny work? gsr trany, Quaiffe LSD
    cooling? PWR or Fluidyne radiator/Fal fan
    safety seats? not unless you have a cage- unless you like the idea of your neck becoming a roll bar in a roll over.
    ecu? see above about hondata
    don't use the storker kit anyway. and don't use ctr cams. that crap is for all motor.
    wtf is a piston assembly? you're going to need forged pistons (CP), strong rods (Pauter or Crower) and a good tune with wideband, or you are probably going to blow up at some point.

    I think it sounds like crap. Again, no offense. But you have much to learn about boosted hondas. your build would be great on an all motor honda... but you've stepped to the darkside.
    just cnsider this:

    S13 240- $2000
    silvia front end- $1000
    rbd5det- $3500
    downpipe and mounts: $700
    3" exhaust- $600

    270 whp and you have 500 more in there with some bolt ons and a larger turbo.

    EG2 del sol - 6000
    sleeved, pistons, rods, assembly stuff- 2000-3000
    mounts- 350
    hondata- 500
    tranny- 1500-1800
    turbo stuff- 5000- 10000 (includes 3" exahust, down pipe, injectors, gauges, etc) depending how big you go.

    and a bunch more stuff....

    hands down, the s13 owns for both the money, the rear wheel drive, the pimp factor, and its just all around a better car.

    I own a del sol with suspension work, 9lb wheels, azenis, and some bolt ons i/h/e
    My buddy bill has a bone stock s13 240.

    his car outperforms mine, hands down. and its stock on shit tires and steel wheels.

    So like i said, its your choice- but if i had to do it again, it wouldn't be in a honda.
  6. odnet

    odnet Member

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    May 4, 2003


    Not sure wether to slap myself, or to call u god.

  7. B16

    B16 Super Moderator VIP

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    Sep 30, 2002
    yay area, CA
    i got my del sol vtec for under 5K, they are out there.
    i had the chance to get out of hondas, but i love them. not to mention i live in cali so doing a 240 with sr20det swap is not as CARB friendly as your honda Bseries are.
  8. SolReaver

    SolReaver Senior Member

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    Oct 6, 2002
    hmm you are looking for a b series turbo del sol, eh? :)

    maybe we can work out a deal, i am located in iowa also

    1995 del sol s- 59k miles
    2000 b18b- 30k miles
    60-1 turbo
    bunch of other stuff

    very solid car, great potential...slap a vtec head, new pistons and rods and call it a day....300 whp will be cake

    pm me if interested
  9. JDMilan

    JDMilan Senior Member

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    May 11, 2003
    Boca Raton, FL
    I say honda simply becuase I have been working on hondas for almost 5 years and I have tried other camps but just seem to switch back, although I have not bought a 240 yet, but loved my friends though.

    Paper to paper, the 240 would be the smart choice. The oem S13 motor can handle 20+lbs of boost. You can get them running 12's fairly easily.

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