How do I upload pics to the board?


there are several ways.

First, your own webhost, such as or your own website can be used. your home computer CAN NOT be used, as your C:\My Documents folder is NOT my C:\My Documents folder :p

The other way is to use our free gallery.

Click on "My Controls" on the menu to acces your profile. From there, you will see a link on the top called Invision Gallery. Go into there. It's pretty self-explainitory from there.

This is a FREE service provided to members with over 50 posts (gallery user group).

It may fail, crash, die, burn, or otherwise lose your pics, and I will not be responsible for said events. Keep them locally on a cd or something. Use us to host on the web.

This is NOT unlimited. Space costs money, so please, try to keep them car-related as much as possible. Members have a fair amount of free space to use, so use it wisely.

Keep in mind too, if you re-size your photo's first, you can store over 10x as many pics.

a 1280x1024 image is usually 500kb. a 640x480 is usually 50-60kb. 640 images on the web are plenty big to get the jist of it.

then, use the
tags to place the image in a post.