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how to piss off a minitrucker

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by BodyDroppedNikes, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. BodyDroppedNikes

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    Sep 28, 2002
    caught in a mosh...
    i got this from SSM:

    -Hey Guy your Bitch looks better posing for pics on my truck....
    -I borrowed some of your airline off your truck ... thanks...
    -Do you Do that for attention?
    -Dude is that your truck that I just hit in the parking lot?
    -Can you Help me move?
    -Why does it sit funny, like you front is higher than the back
    -you ruined a perfectly good truck
    -DOes it come like that from the factory?
    -Can I get that at AutoZone or through APC?
    -Is that a Scratch
    -Are you the guy that drives the lowrider?
    -Is that nitrous in your bed?
    -Damn thats a lot of nitrous!
    -You the one with the truck with hydros?
    -hey man i drunk your last 12 pack of beer
    -"your crazy putting NOS to your rearend"....as a fellow red light waiter in the next truck over pointed to the air tank and the airline going to the bag over the axle.............im actually not BSing either
    -Did you do that all by yourself? Or did you need help?
    -you might want to pick up your drag pole back there... i wouldn't want you to drag frame on accident
    -when are u painting ur truck
    -Hey what fell off your truck back there??
    -is that colored burlap on them there seats buddy
    -How can you drive it when its on the ground like that?
    -why do you want a lowrider? you know why the mexicans drive lowriders right? so its easier to reach out and pick the lettuce'
    -Can I borrow your truck?
    -Whats that hanging off your truck?
    -is that a bomb in ur bed??... my air set up...
    -hey you might want to pick ur truck up your dragging.....
    -what a waste of a truck.... My reply... What a waste of your Mom......
    -Do You Have Hydros
    -is that your lowrider?
    -is why would you do that?
    -OLD couple, like grandpa munster old says, hey thats pretty neat son!
    -Is that one of those alternative fuel vehicles? As an old couple stares at your air tank...
    -How do you get over speed bumps?
    -Y would u do that to ur truck?
    -U spent all ur time and hard work jus to drag it on the ground?
    -So do u jus let the air out of ur tires?
    -So how much did it cost for ur hydros?
    -Lets see the switches then they mave there hand like its a car with hydros
    -Is it supposed to do that if so its pretty cool
    -"Why do your fenderwells stil have the wheelbarrow wheels?"
    -are those 22's
    -wanna race
    -whys your tag crooked
    -make it hop like dre day yo
    -how do you get in if you shave the door handles
    -Are you a drug dealer?"
    -Do you gots switches?"
    -You got one of those mexican trucks
    -Why does it sit crooked, you gotta flat?
    -Why isnt it painted already?
    -Is that fiberglass?
    -Who would want their ride to be that low?
    -What's that PSST sound whenever i pass you?
    -Nice Sparkthrowers, did you bolt that on?
    -Why's your girl standing beside my truck, oh man, wha, oh, yeah she just rubbed her tits on my hood...
    -That thing got lowering blocks?
    -What kinda springs you got under there, ive never seen any that'll sit that low before...
    -Hey man, where's the duct tape?
    -Hey wheres you tassels that hang from your roof?
    -why do you have a hole in 'yer bed, you cant carry anything in there
    -Those are the coolest hubcaps i ever seen....
    -How much did all that vinyl cost??
    -how do you open you tailgate w/ no handle??
    -That looks like one of those Nascar Trucks
    -lets take your truck to the bar
    -where are your tail lights
    -Is that the house of kolor bag-o-flames
    -Isn't sittin on the rockers low enuf?
    -Why don't you have a back bumper?
    -"So when are you getting spinners?"
    -Can you do that to mine?
    -did you buy it like that
    -Does it got a system?
    -how did u make your doors open backwards
    -hey did u know your doors open the wrong way ?
    -"why dont u put 20s on it....?
    -why is ur gas tank in ur bed"
    -your front wheels look like there broken".>
    -"Where is the batteries?"
    -Hey your shocks are broken
    -hey why dont you get 24's and raise it up and put nurf bars''
    -you must drive a truck like that because you have a small penis
    -did you steal that truck from a Mexican
    -Your Girl was in my room last night
    -lisence, registration, insuruance please
    -is that a blown strut?"
    -'why is there primer all over your truck did you hit something?
    -You installed your lift kit upside down.....
    -Hey make do 3 wheel or hop or something,
    -watch out for mud puddles your gonna drown
    -your springs just broke
    -What is that point of lowering it
    -well i guess 4 weelin' is out of the question
    -your never gettin that money back when u sell it
    -hey bro, your truck doesn't lay
    -you got Air-shocks
    -how much is a bodydrop kit?"
    -if your gonna do that to a truck why dont you just drive a honda
    -Nice Mexican weed wacker
    -your truck just fell
    -we dont have a flatbed to tow your truck
    -Is it going to be that low when its finished?
    -your truck looks like it's been on Pimp My Ride
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