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i got to the track tonight

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by rudeludenotmeanthough, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. rudeludenotmeanthough

    rudeludenotmeanthough Senior Member

    i did 4 runs total

    my very FIRST ever run i did a 16.49 with a .537 R/T.
    this run i did with a fat ass riding shot gun.

    my best was a 15.88 with a .574 R/T. Im so proud of my lude. it rana 15.8, and my friend with a 99 Si with full exaust, CAI, header, cam gears (tuned by myself (ass dyno style)), clutch, Short shifter; ran a best of 15.3 today. ONLY A HALF SECOND FASTER than my lude, which is NON VTEC. Holy shit. i have Short ram intake (dont have the full CAI on right now), header, cam gears, and a muffler (it was like that when i bought it), Short shift (home made (no i didnt just cut the shifter))

    My friend was like, "damn dude, i was expecting your car to run mid 16's." and i replied; "i was expecting low 17's..... 15.8!!!!!!!!!

    for my very first time at the track, i would say thats pretty good. So what if the time is not STUPID FAST.. but yea, im so happy, im not that slow! :D

    what your car run?
  2. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    cool deal dude.

    now, get some 14s :)
  3. asmallsol

    asmallsol Super Moderator

    I found out last night that my local track is both up hill and 1500 ft vs the normal 1320.


    one 15.1, the rest consistant 15.2's

    And the really funny part. I took everything out of my trunk (full size spare, my race supply box, ect) ran, got 15.2's, and on my last run, i threw the stuff back in my trunk, again ran a 15.2.
  4. Slammed90Lude

    Slammed90Lude Senior Member

    wtf- how can they can a track that's all fucked up like that?
  5. Hatchbacks Anonymous

    Hatchbacks Anonymous Senior Member

    :wtf: Que? :huh:
  6. DarkHand

    DarkHand Senior Member

    I think the second 'can' was supposed to be 'have'. :)

    Joliet Raceway's 1/4 mile was just resurfaced... Perfectly flat. I'll finally have a car worth taking there this summer, too. :D

  7. Hatchbacks Anonymous

    Hatchbacks Anonymous Senior Member

    Oh yea, duh!! :lol:
  8. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    KCIR licks fuckin asshole... that is all
  9. Hatchbacks Anonymous

    Hatchbacks Anonymous Senior Member

    The closest track to my house is Sacramento Raceway. Wednesday night drags. W00t!! Their track is at sea level. :thumbsup:
  10. DarkHand

    DarkHand Senior Member

    I'm thirty minutes from the track picture I posted above... The test and tune nights are on Tuesdays though, I'll have to haul ass from work to get there. :p
  11. Slammed90Lude

    Slammed90Lude Senior Member

    :lmao: thank you for correcting my wording- sometimes my hands move faster than my brain :p
  12. Hatchbacks Anonymous

    Hatchbacks Anonymous Senior Member

    You lucky bastard. The Sacramento Raceway track is like 2 1/2 hours away. Yikes!!

    I would love to get off work, and hurry my ass to the local track to run my buddies!! That shit is tight!
  13. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    I wish I could too, but Id be pushing my car there... cuase 1.) I cant drive no license, 2.) it doesn't have an engine.
  14. DarkHand

    DarkHand Senior Member


    This happened not 2 minutes ago: I'm sitting here at work, and a guy comes in to meet with one of the big wigs. I get to talking with him about the weather, how it's going to be nice this weekend, and I mention how that's a good thing since I'm going to the Mazda Rev It Up event this weekend. It turns out he owns a 68 Mustang with 1178hp that he built himself that he takes to Joliet raceway every few months or so and runs high 7's. :eek: :D
  15. asmallsol

    asmallsol Super Moderator

    dude, I am joking. My time was just alot slower then what I thought it would be.
  16. 2000Si

    2000Si Well-Known Member

    good job anthony...i need to see what mah Si will run with a cai and a heavy as fuck 10" sub in the trunk.
  17. Slammed90Lude

    Slammed90Lude Senior Member

    damn i suck at the thread- haha oh well
  18. rudeludenotmeanthough

    rudeludenotmeanthough Senior Member

    thats where i ran. Its a pretty nice track. its only about an hour and a half from me includingh traffic, and a 40 mintue ride home ;) :D
  19. cxjon

    cxjon Senior Member

    nice runs dude :D

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