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I Need Prices For Good Ls/vtec Build

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by TYPE-R-RACER, Jun 16, 2003.


    TYPE-R-RACER Junior Member

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    May 14, 2003
    Hey whats up!

    Im in the middle of building an ls/vtec turbo set up. I already have the block and it ran me 300 bucks. Next im going to buy a b16 head and a GSR tranny. But before I put the whole entire thing together im going to prep the shit out of my block, head and tranny. Im going to need your help in getting prices for my build so I dont get riped off. Im going to need the price on re sleeving to .84mm, low compression pistons and rods to handle turbo, preping of the crank, good cam gears, prices for springs, valves, port and polish of head, and anything else you could think of. Keep in mind that this car will still be my daily driver. So i just want to be able to handle the turbo with out being scared of blowing anything up. I also know that the price for shop work will vary depending on the shop. So that why I just want to get an idea of what shop prices are like.

  2. lsvtec

    lsvtec GNU/Linux Evangelist

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    Sep 30, 2002
    Greater Portland, OR
    Look around, we can find the same prices that you can. We are here for technical help, not to be a price watching service.
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