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In need of a shell have full car to trade

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by serrilion, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. serrilion

    serrilion In my own little world! VIP

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    Aug 13, 2007
    Well I got new's today im leaving for over there. I'm wantting a Shell for when I return home to freshly build a car. I'm looking for EX- 92-95 Coupe Shell with body in perfect shape. Would prefure it have alteast some sort of suspechion and tires to roll around.

    What I have to Trade is my
    1994 DX coupe - 170*** on the body
    D15B s# - 2110619 /70*** miles on it
    VIN # 2HGFJ2128RH501677
    P28 Vergin ECU
    B&M short Throw
    Type R Knob
    Ex Front and Rear Bumper
    DC Sports 4-2-1 Header 2P/C
    Hi Flow Cat
    Apexi Knock off 2.5 in Exauhst
    Ebay strut tower bars
    JVC CD player with Sub out puts and AV jack
    Apline Speakers Rear
    Stage 2 clutch

    New driver side CV Axel
    New Driver side ball joint
    New Headlights and Bulbs
    New Tail lights
    Almost No rust minus left side need plate welded and left rear about a golf ball size of surface / bubbled up rust.
    New Windshield

    Diffy is going in the Trans, have spare but need a weld job, been told its saveable... Curent Trans has 191*** miles, Spare 1 only has 70,000 on it
    The Heat does not work do to the Rad house have been looped away from the heater core seance I bought it
    Lastly I have lost the Damn title for this thing. I have tryed to get a new 1, state of Vermont does not issue them out for cars older then 15 years... I can Give you Bill of sale, Proff from State of Vermont Police that is not stolen. and the orginal bill of sale from the guy I got it from, then all you need to do is lost title at your local DMV.

    Please if you got a Clean EG Coupe Hit me up... I mite also be intrested in 98-99 Coupes as well.

    For pictures PM me or email me at ryannfitzsimmons@gmail.com or call
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