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J Series Torque Specs

Discussion in 'Accord' started by riceracerex, Feb 10, 2016.

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    I noticed that there were virtually no J Series Torque Spec Threads, so I decided to share for anyone needing this information. J32 Acura TL Service Manual also! ^_^

    J30 Honda Accord V6 J Series Torque Specs:
    J Series Torque Specs

    Torque Specs (ft/lbs)
    Auto Drain Plug: 36
    Manual Drain Plug: 29
    Spark Plug: 156 in/lbs
    Wheel Lug Nuts: 80
    Water Pump Retaining Bolts: 104 in/lbs
    Thermostat housing cover bolts: 104 in/lbs
    Throttle Body Mounting Nuts: 16
    Fuel Pressure Regulator:
    …i4: 108 in/lbs
    …v6: 22
    Fuel Pulsation Damper: 16
    Engine Stiffener Bolt:
    …i4: 10mm bolt: 33
    …i4: 12mm bolt: 47
    …v6: 28
    Transaxle to engine bolts: 47
    Subframe Mounting Bolts:
    …10mm: 47
    …12mm: 75
    Clutch Master Cylinder mounting nuts: 110 in/lbs
    Clutch release cylinder mounting bolts: 17
    Clutch pressure plate bolts: 19
    Drive-axle/Hub Nut: 181
    Intermediate shaft bearing support bolts: 29
    Brake Hose to caliper banjo bolt: 25
    Master Cylinder Mounting Nuts: 132 in/lbs
    Strut brace mounting nut: 16
    Brake booster mounting nuts: 110 in/lbs
    Wheel Sensor mounting bolts: 88 in/lbs
    Wheel speed sensor bracket nut: 84 in/lbs
    Front Caliper Mounting Bolts:
    …i4: 54
    …v6: 36
    Front Caliper Mounting Bracket Bolt: 80
    Rear Caliper Mounting Bolts:19
    Rear Caliper Mounting Bracket Bolt: 28
    Disc to hub screws: 84 in/lb
    Rear wheel cylinder nuts: 80 in/lbs
    Front Damper Fork Pinch Bolt: 32
    Front Damper fork to lower control arm through bolt/nut: 47
    Front Lower control arm inner pivot bolt: 47
    Front Radius rod to lower control arm bolts 119
    Front Radius Rod to cross member nut: 32
    Front Damper to Chassis Body Bolts/Nuts:
    …8mm: 144in/lbs
    …10mm: 37
    Front Damper Shaft Nut: 22
    Front Stabilizer Bar Link Nut: 29
    Front Stabilizer Bar Bracket Bolts: 22
    Front Lower Ball Joint Nut: 36-43
    Front Upper Ball Joint Nut: 29-35
    Front Upper Control Arm Pivot Bolts: 47
    Rear lower arm inner pivot bolt: 43
    Rear Lower arm to knuckle bolt/nut:43
    Rear Control arm inner pivot bolt/nut:40
    Rear Control arm to knuckle nut:43
    Rear Trailing arm to chassis bolt:43
    Rear Trailing arm to knuckle bolt:43
    Rear Leading arm inner pivot bolt:43
    Rear Leading arm to knuckle bolt:43
    Rear Upper arm inner pivot bolt:43
    Rear Upper arm to knuckle castle nut:36-43
    Rear Hub Nut: 139
    Rear Damper Shaft Nut: 22
    Rear Stabilizer bar link nut: 29
    Rear Stabilizer bar bracket bolts: 22
    Rear Shock absorber to knuckle bolt: 43
    Rear Shock absorber upper mounting bolts: 37
    Front Steering Intermediate shaft pinch bolt: 16
    Power Steering Pump Mounting Bolt: 16
    Power Steering Line bolts: 96 in/lbs
    Steering Wheel Nut: 29
    Tie Rod End to steering knuckle nut: 32

    For I4 Engines
    Fuel Rail Mounting Bolts: 102 in/lbs
    Air Intake Plenum Bolts: 16
    Valve Cover Bolts: 86 in/lbs
    Balance Shaft/Timing Belt Tensioner Nut: 33
    Camshaft sprocket bolt: 43
    Crankshaft pulley bolt: 181
    Flywheel to crankshaft bolt: 76
    Drive-plate to crankshaft bolt: 54
    Intake Manifold nuts: 16
    Exhaust Manifold nuts: 23
    Balance Shaft Front/Rear Sprocket Bolt: 22/18
    Oil pan to engine bolts: 120 in/lbs
    Oil pump housing bolts: 104 in/lbs
    Rear Main Seal housing bolts: 104 in/lbs
    Timing Belt Cover Bolts: 104 in/lbs
    Front Engine Mount:
    …Bracket to chassis bolt: 28
    …Bracket to engine bolts: 28
    …Through Bolt: 47
    Rear Engine Mount:
    …Mount to chassis bolts: 28
    …Bracket to engine bolts: 40
    …Nut for mount stud: 40
    Left Engine Mount
    …Bracket to engine bolt/nuts: 40
    …Mount to chassis bolts: 28
    Right engine mount
    …Through bolt: 40
    …Bracket to transaxle nut: 28
    …Mount to chassis bolts: 28

    Camshaft thrust plate bolt: 16
    Camshaft sprocket bolts: 67
    Crankshaft pulley bolt: 181
    Valve cover bolts: 104 in/lbs
    Driveplate bolts: 54
    Exhaust Manifold Nuts: 23
    Exhaust heat shield bolts: 16
    Intake manifold nuts/bolts: 16
    Oil Pan Bolts/Nuts: 104 in/lb
    Oil Pan Drain Plug: 29
    Timing Belt Tensioner Bolt: 104 in/lbs
    Timing Belt Idler Bolt: 33
    Timing Belt Cover Bolts: 104 in/lbs
    Rear Main Seal Oil Retainer Bolt: 104 in/lbs
    Left Side engine mount engine bracket bolt: 33
    Left Side engine mount insulator through bolt: 40
    Front engine mount engine bracket bolt: 28
    Rear engine mount engine bracket bolts: 28
    Engine mount insulator nut front and rear: 40
    Passenger side engine mount bolts: 28

    Engine Oil with Filter
    …V6: 4.6 quarts
    …I4: 4.5 quarts
    Auto Transmission Fluid
    …V6: 3.1 quarts
    …I4: 2.6 quarts
    Manual Transmission Fluid
    …I4: 2 quarts
    …v6: 5.9 quarts
    …i4: 5.7 quarts(auto) 5.8 quarts(manual)
    Spark plug Gap
    …0.039-0.043 inch
    Engine Firing Order
    …i4: 1 3 4 2
    …v6: 1 4 2 5 3 6
    Idle Speed
    …i4: 650-750
    …v6: 630-730
    Valve Clearances (cold engine)
    …i4: .009-.011 inch
    …v6: .008-.009 inch
    …v6 & i4: .011-.013 inch
    Cyl Cylinder Compression Test Pressure(at WOT)
    …Standard: 178 psi
    …Minimum: 135 psi
    …Max variation between cylinders: 28 psi
    Cyl Oil Pressure(warm engine)
    …i4: At 3000 rpm: 50 psi
    …i4: at idle: 10 psi minimum
    …v6: At 3000 rpm: 71 psi
    …v6: at idle: 10 psi minimum
    Fuel Pressure Key on/Engine Off: 47-54 psi
    Fuel Pressure at idle
    …i4: vacuum hose attached: 38-46 psi
    …i4: vacuum hose detached: 47-54 psi
    …v6: vacuum hose attached: 32-40 psi
    …v6: vacuum hose detached: 41-48 psi
    Fuel Pump Max Pressure: 65 psi
    Battery Voltage:
    …Engine off: 11.5-12
    …Engine on: 13.5-15
    Ignition Timing:
    …i4: 12 Degrees +/-2 BTDC in Park or Neutral
    …v6: 10 Degrees +/-2 BTDC in Park or Neutral

    J Series Torque Specs – J32a1, J32a2 & J32a3
    J32 Acura TL CL Torque Specs:

    Power Steering Pump Bracket: 16ft lbs
    Rear Engine Mount Bracket: 58ft lbs
    Front Engine Mount Bracket (M/T) : 40ft lbs
    Front Engine Mount Bracket (A/T): 40 ft lbs
    Side Engine Mount Bracket: 33ft lbs
    A/C Compressor Bracket: 33ft lbs
    Subframe Bolts: *See Service Manual*
    Crankshaft Pulley Bolt: 181 ft lbs
    Cam Gear Cover: 8.7 ft lbs
    Timing Belt Tensioner: 33 ft lbs
    Valve Cover Bolts: 8.7 ft lbs
    Rocker Arms: 17 ft lbs
    Cam Gear: 67 ft lbs
    Cylinder Head Stud Bolts:
    Step 1: 29 ft lbs
    Step 2: 51 ft lbs
    Step 3: 72.3 ft lbs
    Oil Pan Pickup Tube *Baffle Screen*: 8.7 ft lbs
    Crankshaft Oil Seal: 8.7 ft lbs
    Oil Pan: 8.7 ft lbs
    Oil Filter: 8.7 ft lbs
    Throttle Body: 16 ft lbs
    Intake Manifold: 16 ft lbs
    Intake Cover: 8.7 ft lbs
    Thermostat: 8.7 ft lbs
    Water Pump: 8.7 ft lbs

    For more J32 J Series Torque Specs the Acura TL Service Manual is available here.
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