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JDM type R Turbo build in CRX

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by hatchboy, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. hatchboy

    hatchboy Sleeves+boost=Love

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    Nov 27, 2002
    Oak Harbor/Battle ground,wa
    sorry i copyd this on HMT sense thats where i originally posted it.Also, i am exploring the option of trading my type r head/block/header/intake mani with all sensors etc for a gsr+cash. So if you are within a couple hundred miles of vancouver,wa (portland,or) let me know.

    Allrite guys most of you dont know me, ive been on the site for a few years, dont post much but im here every day. Ive learned a shit ton from all you and even became stupider listening to some of you. lol
    So here is my setup so far, if anyone has anything to say leave a reply.
    I need help on some of the things. so if you could leave a comment and let me know what you think id appreciate it alot.
    My Goals are just a low 12 high 11 second car. Not looking for an extreme drag car, just fast street car.350hp?

    91 CRX SI

    -jdm type R
    -ctr cams
    -J1 b16 tranny
    -unsprung 6 puck
    OBD0 to OBD1 Conversion, P28 running Crome Pro thanks to FooK

    Turbo Stuff

    -Short tubular manifold (Going back to mike so he can make a better top mount)
    -T3/T04E 57/63 60 trim
    -Stealthmode T3 Oil line kit
    -Tial 38mm Wastegate
    -Greddy RS BOV
    -All piping,clamps and couplers
    -6 in. FMIC
    -Half size radiator
    -Fal slimfan
    -JKMotorsports front x-member and traction bars
    -All Flanges
    -Greddy Turbo Timer
    -Greddy Boost controller
    -Autometer Oil pressure and Boost guages
    -all flanges

    I probably forgot a few things, but Things i still need:

    Injectors (what should i run?)
    Rods (Also what rods?Eagle H Beam?)
    Pistons (been thinking about CP, good choice?)
    Arp Headstuds
    Arp rod bolts
    bearings (use OEM?)
    Head gasket (what gasket to run?)
    Intank Fuel Pump

    If you think of anything i forgot let me know.

  2. driver1

    driver1 Senior Member

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    Jan 15, 2003
    u should just go with a whole gsr motor,because for what u want youd be better off with one. cams, tranny, compression...and as far as clutch, for a street machine your def gonna want a sprung hub if your goin six puck. injectors if your goals are only 350 hp then rc 550cc should do just fine. eagel h beam rods should also be fine for your goals as well as cp pistons, which are goo but the compression of them would be the big factor. but like i said if 350 hp is your goal to be satisfied with than u should be fine with what i just said. bearings yes use oem.
  3. hatchboy

    hatchboy Sleeves+boost=Love

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    Nov 27, 2002
    Oak Harbor/Battle ground,wa
    hey thanks for the input. Yea that was my plan, too go with eagle h beams and cp 9:1 81.25 mm pistons
    got them and rings and wristpins for 750 shipped so i think thats an allrite deal. And i allready have the type R motor, sitting in the crx. its been in there for a year, and ive been rolling a unsprung 6 puck for 3 years, so im no newb to that.i ordered a set of rc 650's so they should be fine for what i want im assuming.alot of people say use oem bearings and some say acl. i really odnt know what im going to go with yet.
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