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K20A Swap into BASE AUTO

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EP / DC5' started by nsted3, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. nsted3

    nsted3 Junior Member

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    Jul 9, 2004
    OK, I have a 03 automatic base rsx. I bought a JDM K20A Type R Motor and I want to swap it into my car. It came with the entire motor, trans, ecu, axels, shift linkage, intake and exhaust manifold, and the engine harness. I realize that if I had a manual right now then this should theoretical go right in with no problem. But becuase I have an auto I think I may need more things like the pedal assembly, shifter (not sure what parts), and the reseviors for the clutch fluid and etc. Can someone please tell me what else I need or if I do need these things? Thanks.
  2. MXDesa

    MXDesa Senior Member

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    Apr 19, 2003
    Queens, New York
    This is research you should have done BEFORE you bought such an expensive motor. Ive never done a auto to stick swap on the new EP chasis but i have on the EG. And things i needed were, pedals, slave and master clutch cylinders, all three pedals, throttle cable, clutch hydro lines, had to weld in a new upper tranny mount bracket, a fair amount of wiring, and thats about it, but i can imagine that with the advanced wiring in the RSX (which i believe has that sport shift mode) its going to be hard, almost not worth it. I would trade in for a similar RSX already stick
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