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Lightening Interior.. good laugh

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by 97DXcoupe, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. 97DXcoupe

    97DXcoupe GSR Swapped/Gutted

    Sunday night i removed the interior from the rear half of the car all the way into the trunk. its a 97 EK coupe DX. i plan on dynamating the entire passenger back section of the car. but i drove it to work today on the free way and GOOD GOD does it haul balls now! i had 2 audiobahn 12's (flame q's) in a big BIG box, amp, 2nd battery and lots of wiring added in there too. i pulled all that, the entire trunk liner and floor cover and spare tire stuff, the rear seats (si's), rear side plastics, and the rear cargo cover and tossed them in the garage.

    i musta droped about 500 pounds or so, that sub box and battery were at least 200-250. it took me and my bro both to pull the box with subs outta the car it was hella heavy. my car is lowered but it raised the rear a FULL 1".

    i got on the freeway in 3rd at 60 .. (mind you its a 108hp DX) and floored it and it actualy snapped my head back LMAO.. as i banged 4th at about 80-85 i stayed into it and quickly realized i was at 105... and passing a state patrol car... i gradualy slowed down and he drove right passed me and glared.. LMAO.. lucky.

    but wow.. i never believed how lightening up a car can make such a HUGE difference! .. on the 12th im getting my mildly built GSR dropped in and im already grining ear to ear. its my first "major swap" short of a dx to SI swap on my ef 4 door.

    the GSR is a obd2 and has:

    Skunk2 intake manifold w/ type r throttle cable and bracket
    onosoku iridium plug wires
    iridium plugs
    ctr cam
    Apex-I WS2 cat back
    project jdm resonated adjustable test pipe
    tri-y comptech knockoff
    gates racing hoses
    koyo radiator
    hondata intake gasket
    exedy stage 2 clutch and fidanza 7.5 lb fly wheel
    ctr crank pulley
    walhbro 255lph fuel pump
    golden eagle fuel rail
    AEM fuel pressure regulator
    rc 440's
    type r valve cover w/ carbon spark plug cover
    password jdm powerchamber intake
    skunk2 70mm throttle body
    gates racing timing belt

    so ya, i think this thing outta scream. im hoping it will be somewhere in the 180@the wheels range at least. thats still at least twice of what my stock d16y7 is LOL.
  2. delsol88

    delsol88 Blinker Fluid Specialist

    i know what ya mean, i took my 2 10' eclipse aluminums, 2 memphis 500D's spare battery and wiring. i did this because i needed measurements to build my own fiberglass box. i put it on a meat scale and it weighed in at 350 lbs. its still out to this day it has alot more power and gets better gas mileage. im sure u got more out of yours tho because u prolly had more weight taken out and ur car is lighter.
  3. 97DXcoupe

    97DXcoupe GSR Swapped/Gutted

    ya man, i usualy get 220 on a full tank of gas the way i drive (dx motor mind you) :p

    im at 220 now and and still have almost 2/5th's of a tank to go. im expecting to see around 320.

    thats 10 mpg difference... AND im STILL getting on it. i always drive on the freeway about 75-90 .. i hate going 60.. i should just move to montana...... LMAO

    but ya, that thing accelerats SO quickly now, it feels like i just picked up another 50 horse. that thing has NEVER pulled like that even when i got the car bone stock. currently it has a APC hi-flow axle back, 10mm wires and iridium plugs, and an ebay cheapo dx intake system. thats all thats been done to the car performance wise, and its even got heavy 17"s on it.

    WTT FOR GSR BLADES! will straight trade for my 17"s if they are really straight with 90% or better tires!

    have lots of other stuff to trade!

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