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lotsa parts b16 b18 b20 good deals

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by tuneboost, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. tuneboost

    tuneboost New Member

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    Nov 25, 2010
    Have the following left to sale (located in knoxville, tn) all prices do NOT include shipping, but willing to ship most everything:

    *Holset HX35W turbo - great condition complete with wastegate just needs oil seals $300
    *90-93 integra 4wheel disc brake setup, good for upgrading 88-91 civic to 4wh big disc brakes - has spindles, trailing arms, rotors, calipers, ebrake cables $350 (or $150 front setup, $200 rear setup)
    *b20 intake manifold w/ injectors $25
    *b18a1 intake manifold with injectors $30
    *b16 intake manifold bare $40
    *b16 valve cover $40
    *88 civic/crx new clutch kit, freshly turned flywheel w/ new pilot bearing $75
    *88-89 civic/crx gauge cluster with tachometer $50
    *b16 jdm transmission - got from a trans shop that didnt ship out one of the shafts w/ gears, but everything else seems to be there good for someone needing case, shift forks, etc $75 (or $125 shipped)
    *OBD1 vtec socketed ecu no chip, can program for extra $100
    *B16/LS baffled oilpan (spoon/mugen OE style) good condition, unused since baffling was done $100

    Also some 302/mustang ford parts if interested:

    *302 STD bore pistons/rods non-HO from lincoln mark vii $30
    *302 E6 heads good shape from 87 lincoln mark vii still together, have valve covers $40
    *AOD torque convertor from mustang auto trans $25
    *stock ford aluminum 2bbl intake manifold $20
    *firewall clutch cable adjuster $10

    ## Will trade for: ##
    *90-94 DSM awd 5sp tranny, if anything other than 90 need shifter/cables don't need t-case
    *XBOX 360 w/ HDMI and power cable, at least 1 controller - please only working non-banned

    email if interested : boostedmind@aol.com
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