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MO My Going back to stock // Part out thread // Sell whats left!!!!

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by brian11to1, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Jan 9, 2003
    My name is Brian and these are my parts. I'm putting my Civic back to stock in hopes of making it easier to sell so these parts are being removed and sold. Or they're left over parts I bought and never used...

    if paying via paypal please put in the comments section what parts you're paying for and your username


    bnib Hardrace 26 pcs EG Bushing set - $227 shipped/paypal
    Link to their site for what is included.

    used PIC lca's EF/EG/DA/DC // non-ITR/EK - $103 shipped/paypal
    Has some scrapes but overall its in great condition, since it was used/installed it has some markings from the hardware. Bushings are in great condition, no signs of wear or tearing.

    used Legend Dual piston calipers - $50 + shipping/paypal
    Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4Pic 5
    They're used, they're dirty. Set of used brake calipers from a 94 Legend GS sedan. Perfect for those who are wanting to upgrade to 11" brakes using OEM parts. Caliper bracket remains unmodified, you will need to shave the brackets to clear the rotors. Please do your own research for any fitment questions though.

    used 90 Integra FSM - $45 shipped/paypal
    Used, but as most know very very priceless piece of literature for those with a 90 Integra

    used DC/EG2bB 60A Street Innovative mounts. - SOLD TO accord91guy on HT
    new Fastbrakes 11.2 Prelude VTEC rotors - SOLD to eh_559
    used {pictured above}ASR subframe brace EG/DC - SOLD to Clean_EH2
    used Avid traction bar EG/DC - SOLD to boostonthed/HT
    new Gunmetal EG/DC Sparco Harness Bar - SOLD to switchjv

    Some prices include shipping and paypal fee, some do not. Please read carefully.
    I'm motivated to sell these items, so please feel free to make an offer but by all means be respectful when doing so.
    Once purchased shipping will be done through USPS on a Wednesday (my only day off during the week). Due to my work schedule not being predictable Wednesday is the only day I can ship anything.
    All parts will be shipped from Independence, MO but of course local pick up is ok and encouraged.
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