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need advice- what motor for new project?

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by stmotorsports, Feb 20, 2006.

Which setup?

  1. B20vtec

  2. B18C (DC2 ITR)

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  3. B18B/B20 Supercharged

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  4. K20A2 (RSX-S)

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  5. K20A3 (RSX Base/Civic Si) Superchar

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  1. stmotorsports

    stmotorsports Senior Member

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    Jun 19, 2003
    Buffalo, NY
    I'm looking to pick up an EK Civic this year and will be doing (or at least starting) a swap pretty much right away. I am basically looking for the most straightforward and cost effective swap that will yield the most impressive results and being a NYS resident, emissions issues are one of the primary concerns (HAS to stay emissions legal and OBD2 which tuning gets VERY pricey real fast). I think I pretty much have the choices narrowed down to:

    -B20vtec which I figure I can put together for under $2k including motor/trans/ecu/axles/mounts/etc BUT will tuning be a major issue? (remember- the car HAS to stay OBD2!) Or can a mildly built B20vtec run ok on a stock vtec OBD2 ecu?

    -DC2 ITR (B18C) swap- I like the simplicity of just dropping everything right in and being done, but the price tag isn't all that great for what you get considering other options :/

    -B20 Supercharged- I know, I know- B20 bottom ends are notoriously weak and not a good idea. If anything I'd probably build the setup with a B18 bottom end at first and eventually have it sleeved to 2.0L later on. Again, the price tag is an issue but used blower kits are out there and results would be pretty impressive...

    -K20xx - Ideally I'd like to avoid this for various reasons- price range, complexity and fitment issues being the MAJOR ones. If anything it would probably be a basic stock K20A2 (RSX-S) setup, no time for dropping $7k into a full DC5R swap. I do like the idea of having a 6spd tho :) ... I suppose I could find a K20A3 cheap enough and throw a JR kit at it? And with the 6spd that wouldn't be so bad at all as far as results but again price would be a factor between the custom mounts, axles, etc...

    Bottom line I plan on doing a bunch of other stuff to the car so the more cost effectively I can swap in a decent driveline, the better. I really think I'd be more than happy with around 200hp and a good amount of tq, some decent gearing and LSD.

    Input? Pros/cons for any setup?
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