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New to the forums and bearing a few swap questions! =]

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by Velcroy, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Velcroy

    Velcroy Limited Civic Skills

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums and just thought i'd say "Hey!"

    But um, hehe.. any way. On to the subject matter. . .

    -My ride:-
    1993 4dr Honda Civic
    Black Paint Job
    and everything but my sound system is stock.. As far as i know.. ^_^

    -What I want to do-

    Swap my car with a B18C Engine
    And hopefully push around 200WHP (maybe more if i feel like losing the MPG)

    My questions:

    1. I've heard that the B18C engine is a direct swap, and no need for engine mounts or anything like that. But, considering the B18C engine is Vtec, what would i have to do to connect the wires to my ECU?

    2. Is it really all that difficult to do a swap like this?

    3. When looking on ebay and other engine sites, i was thinking that i should get a set that comes with everything includeing the Tranny. Is this what is should do?

    4. When i complete the swap and start looking for a new exaust system, do i look for an exaust system that is for the '93 Civic, or for the Integra which the new engine is coming out of? And what modifications, if any, would i have to do to get the exaust system on?

    5. would it be more benificial for me to install a custom tach? or buying a gauge cluster that comes with a tach?

    I hope these questions are easy enough to answer with out a whole lot of hassel.

    any insight would be greatly appreciated!


    *EDIT* I found this engine on Ebay, and it is advertise as a swap... Does it come with everything i'll need for a complete engine swap?

    eBay Motors: JDM B18C HONDA/ACURA INTEGRA OBD1 GSR ENGINE SWAP- (item 280162095248 end time Oct-21-07 07:47:34 PDT)
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2007
  2. xj0hnx

    xj0hnx I wanna be sedated

    Fairly direct, yes. You use a mix of your Civics mounts, and the B series mounts. As far as wiring, which B18C, the GSR, or ITR? GSR also needs the IABs wired in. There's an article in the tech section about wiring vtec.

    If you are mechanically inclined it is very easy, pretty much just pull the old motor out, and drop the new motor in. Read about teh swap process, and buy a Helms manual for your car, there is a section on removing the mototr, and is very helpful with the process.

    Yes, you should definitely look for a package that has everything you need to include, motor, tranny, axles, shiftlinkage, mounts. You can maybe get a better deal if you piece everything together form different sources, but I'd go for all in one.

    Get an exhaust for a Si model. The VX, and DX I believe the cat is right off the motor so if you get one for those models, you will have a gap. Really though, exhaust is one of the cheapest and easiest things to fix. I piece of pipe and a welder can solve almost anything.

    IMO you'd be doing just as good to get a gauge cluster with a tach in it.

    This site is FILLED with insight and knowledge, read all you can, and enjoy.

    No, looks like it is missing mounts, and shiftlinkage. Other than that it looks ok.

  3. norcalgsr

    norcalgsr Honda Master Technician

  4. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin

    Buy all the leftovers from my 95 sedan. ;)
  5. Velcroy

    Velcroy Limited Civic Skills

  6. norcalgsr

    norcalgsr Honda Master Technician

    That's what you want.. the LSD is an upgrade if not you'll get the non-LSD trans as part of the package.
  7. Velcroy

    Velcroy Limited Civic Skills

    okay awsome, thank you so much for the site.

    Also one more question,
    Do you guys know of a B18c engine diagram so i can start studying it and figuring out what all the parts are and stuff?
  8. SolDriver

    SolDriver New Member

    Howstuffworks.com will give you the basic overview of the engine (Pistons, cams, crank, yadda yadda), and then just google for B18 schematics, and similar and you'll find a bunch out there.

  9. Velcroy

    Velcroy Limited Civic Skills

    Alright cool, thanks!

    Hm.. I was just thinking...

    If i buy the engine from the site i posted above (http://www.hmotorsonline.com/shop/sc...age&item=30009)... Would i have to do all of the Vtec rewiring like shown in this post


    The reason i was thinking i wouldn't have to do the rewiring is because it says that the package includes the "ECU (P72)" And so, if it does include the ECU for that engine, i would just replace my NON Vtec ECU with the ECU that came with my car, right?
    I'm a little confused right now... heh.. if you couldn't tell. ^_^
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2007
  10. norcalgsr

    norcalgsr Honda Master Technician

    Yeah you will still have to run the VTEC wiring, but it's not as hard as it seems. Your ECU will plug right in, but Honda didn't run the wires for VTEC in the harness unless it had it from the factory so basically you're just adding a few wires to the factory harness plugs from the ECU.
  11. Velcroy

    Velcroy Limited Civic Skills

    ohh. . . ok


    I think i get it, thanks.

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