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Oil Leak - What's the cause?

Discussion in 'Integra' started by aeontrek, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. aeontrek

    aeontrek 1995 Integra RS (5spd)

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    Aug 6, 2006
    Marietta, GA

    I had my engine replaced in my 1995 Integra RS. In addition, they replaced the radiator, timing belt, clutch, and various other things. However, when I got my car back, it had an oil leak. The shady mechanic told me that I specifically told him not to fix the one thing causing that oil leak --- a rear seal main gasket (or something like that). First off, I know squat about cars, so there's no way I could have told him that. Anyway ....

    Now I'm stuck with this oil leak that they won't fix because, of course, I said not to replace the gaskets which I have no clue about. Then he offered to fix it on the side for $250. Otherwise, it would cost about $1000 (according to shady mechanic guy) to fix because of the labor to take out the engine again to get to the rear-seal gasket. Yeah, I can't begin to describe the frustration and anger that place instilled in me.

    Well, my brother thinks the oil leak can be fixed by replacing the oil pan gasket, or something like that. I wondered if anyone else out there would know where the leak could be coming from? Or how can I determine myself where the leak is coming from?

    I spent over $3000 replacing the engine and all the other stuff. The car is like new ... but with a big, ugly oil leak all over my garage floor.

    I am not looking to spend another dime on that car. So any suggestions would be nice!

  2. welfare

    welfare Ancient Member

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    Apr 19, 2004
    New York
    if the rear seal is leaking then it must be replaced, you don't have to remove the engine to do it tho, just the tranny, it should have been done when the clutch was done, any reputable shop would have told you that. I would take it somewhere else and have them do it, it may cost a little bit, but 1000 seems way high for a 4 hour job. Alldata says it takes 3.8 hours, and even at 100.00 per hour that's only 380, the part is only about 15 dollars.
  3. girls_are_mean

    girls_are_mean New Member

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    Aug 17, 2006
    [​IMG]Parts Information

    PartOEM PartPrice

    Crankshaft Main Bearing Seal
    Rear Main Seal 26 - Ara *** part number--91214PH3751 ** cost of part----$14.95Notes

    Labor SkillLevel Mfg.Warranty Standard
    Crankshaft Main Bearing Seal Replace
    B **** This is warrenty time----3.2 *****this is how much flat rate pays----3.8

    Includes: R&I Transaxle.
    Note With Auto Trans, Add B ***** if its an automatic add .9 to warrenty time and 1.3 to flat rate time------------0.9 1.3Notes


    - $15.00
    $ 985.00

    soo 3.8 hrs/$985.00 = $259.21 per hour that he wants charging you to fix that,

    ask him what his hourly rate is or go somewhere else

    [​IMG]© 2006 ALLDATA LLC. All rights reserved.
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